Saturday, April 30, 2011

It is tax filing time - dealing with frustration

Today is April 30 and I have to file my taxes, or at least pay the taxes I owe. My accountant already filed them. This is the ultimate form of procrastination, rather than writing a cheque and mailing it, I prefer to bore you with my blog and make another posting.

You think investors don't procrastinate? You think that one is always chipper and happy counting dividends, collecting rents, buying below market and selling with big profits? Think again!

Well, I prefer sitting here behind my wireless Microsoft keyboard with coffee (my 4th cup this morning) rather than running to Rona to buy some shiny baseboards to finish off the new laminate floor in one of my trashed rental apartment units.

Do you really think that I get excited about laying laminate floors and screwing in smoke detectors at night? To meet prospective tenants at the most inhumane hours in a tough rental market trying to get my latest vacancy filled?

Heck no, I prefer sitting here in my office looking out over my back yard were spring is slowly returning and drink loads of java. Tonight we're going to the theatre – don't you think 3-D is superior especially when combined with a personal touch?

But alas that is the life of an investor. It is boring and tedious. Nothing is as frustrating as buying RIM and seeing it trade 10% lower the next day or holding on to Microsoft for ages just to see its price drop based on a 30% increase in earnings. If you try to invest based on daily stock market fluctuations or even on a yearly performance you either become utterly frustrated or you are becoming a day-trader. Both are sure ways of losing money. Some investments work out and some don't and it is always the losers that frustrate your days and the winners that you take for granted.

If you want excitement go to Las Vegas or get shot in Mexico on the beach. But if you want to make money, you will have to bear the daily drudgery of long term investing. You procrastinate, enjoy your back yard combined with java and count your future (hoped for) profits.

Quiz: How many times did the author mention the bean drink and his back yard?
Answer: If you really re-read this post to count it, consider a career as bean counter. Oops I guess I am somewhat frustrated. Sorry, sorry, I didn't mean to offend anyone. J

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