Saturday, May 7, 2011

Conrad called it right

I have been enjoying my new Blackberry Playbook immensely. With painless updates, it gets better and better. Analysts may sound grumpy about the need for a companion blackberry phone, but that is just what I love so much about my playbook.

I don't need an extra wireless subscription! With Playbook I connect by Bluetooth to my cell for which I already pay a subscription and download my e-mails. When at home, I lock into my wireless network, just by walking through the door!

I also love the on-line news services, paid for by the newspaper advertisers. I have now access to the Globe and Mail, the National Post, the Calgary Herald and the Edmonton Journal while sitting at the breakfast table. Talking about green! No more newspapers in the recycling bin. Well, that is when I can convince my wife to switch to her own Playbook!

And then there is Conrad! "Who is Conrad?" you may ask. Well, Saint Conrad is a visionary columnist, I swear he is so good, he forecasted the Conservative majority and the rise of a two party system in Canada while all the pollsters and other pundits in the newspapers were scaring the crap out of us little investors (sorry for the liberal word 'crap') by telling us we're gonna have a NDP-Liberal minority government supported by the Bloc. But Conrad knew better. Not only that: Conrad's linguistic skills are much more erudite than this poor blogger's disastrous rumblings.

Hat's off to our partly exonerated, very persistent ex-jailbird. Lord Conrad may have been at times arrogant and pompous, especially in his days as invincible CEO or Chairman of a wide variety of corporations, but he has seen the light. I guess, in his older more-confident days he pee'd off the wrong people and poor Conrad was dragged into jail for whatever reason the accuser could dream up. In the end Conrad was convicted (if I got it right) for carrying out some boxes in the dark while being recorded on video. Even bringing back the boxes, no matter what they actually contained, kept Conrad out of jail. Too many in this society, love seeing a successful person paying the price! Not that we're all socialists or fans of Jack Layton, but seeing one of the powerful elites bite the dust gives a sense of satisfaction to us members of the grey masses.

Conrad has changed in jail. He laments the poor jail conditions and has become a proponent of jail-reform. There are here many considerations, one of them is that putting a large portion of your population in jail does not necessarily lower the crime rate or drug use. Strangely enough, drug use among the native Dutch population (i.e. excluding tourists) has declined with the legalization of some drugs if memory serves me right. It is not that Stephen Harper is right in everything – the topic is just too complex to be solved with a few headlines. But Conrad is standing up for the people that are incarcerated and he speaks from hard experience. I respect that. Maybe Conrad has seen the light and is a somewhat changed man with a softer outlook on life – will he end up with aristocratic sainthood? I doubt it, but Conrad's pre-election analysis and now again his interpretation of what a Harper majority may mean is very instructive and full of interesting insights that go clearly beyond the average newspaper blabber. So hat's off to Conrad and here is the link to his last column. Yes! Conrad called it right.

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