Sunday, February 12, 2012

Welcome new blog readers

When seeing this blog, you may feel that some of the stuff discussed here is beyond your current investment level. So how can I claim that Canadian Diversified Investor is written for you the novice investor? How can you use the postings on this blog in the most rewarding way?

Well, the answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind. Now how is that for an answer? To be honest, reading and participating in this blog requires a certain amount of patience and empathizing with my demented sense of humor. But if you can see past that, I hope this blog is truly worthwhile for you. Providing your own ideas and comments is also appreciated, as long as it does not become a personal grudge match. I will win that every day because I have the power of… the delete button.

The collection of postings on this blog dates now back close to 2 years and when you start at the beginning you will start with the basics. Mixed in are comments on time sensitive events, including my blunders. Oh, by the way, don’t ever take my forecasts or foreshadowing serious. Successful forecasters are those who forecast often and (if I may be so bold) who change… eh… update their forecasts as often. Really, nobody has proven to be able to predict the future consistently, accurately and correctly. So, I don’t even bother other than by trying to be conventional and self-deluding. At best, I project trends I see extend into the future, until I change my mind.

But when you start reading at the oldest postings, you will notice that the ideas evolve from simple definitions or descriptions of various investment types to discussions on how to invest in e.g. real estate; analysis of buy-and-hold strategies, book reviews and even the occasional mentioning of the merits or negatives of some of my investments.  These are NOT ‘buy & sell’ recommendations, they are offered as ideas about how to or how not to invest. Here definitely comes to mind the expression: 'Do as I say, not as I do'. No, that’s too harsh. I should rephrase that: Do as I am trying to do, not as how I actually do… eh, if that gets too contorted then you get my drift.

So start at the beginning or scan through the postings from start to end and pick what interests you. Don’t ever believe me. Just see it as ideas and thoughts that merit further thinking and trying on your side. And… yeah, just in case I haven’t mentioned that yet… Do drop a comment from time to time… please… please…. 

BTW, did you notice that I like ‘…’ a lot?  My grammar checker tells me that I can only use three dots in a row, but sometimes I become really rebellious and protest against the establishment and then I type ‘…………………………………………………………………………………’

Anyway, I hope you will enjoy this blog and that it may help you prosper.


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