Saturday, August 3, 2013

Bread baking silliness

Today I fulfilled a dream! I baked my own healthy, whole-wheat, multi-seed bread with no artificial ingredients, lard or chemicals! WOW! I baked it in an electric oven not one that uses natural gas and that destroys the environment.
Hmmm… maybe I shouldn’t have used an electric oven after all. I just learned that in Alberta, close to 80% of electricity is generated from coal. Talking climate change! Hmmm… they say that all those foods grown on the land are in fact nothing but energy converted into proteins! It takes natural gas to make fertilizer; the farmer used up precious water to irrigate the land; he used oil to run his tractors and combines.
Oops, I hope they used wind or water to grind the flour because otherwise I caused unending damage to the environment, to my children, to future generations and to society in general. L
I hope the farmer didn’t use genetically modified grains bought from some nasty, capitalist chemicals company. Come to think of it, the harm I have done baking my own bread!

The union representatives are knocking on my door, I have robbed the livelihood from one of its members, a poor, disadvantaged immigrant from Nigeria! There are former wheat board members protesting in my back yard; apparently I supported the Harper Government and undermined the poor disadvantaged Canadian Farmer. Well, those farmers that demanded protection from foreign competition, not the farmers who wanted to do their own marketing.
You know, I feel so bad about all this. I don’t to deserve to live. I feel like jumping of a bridge, but the fire department’s unions inform me that I will affect their workload and their family life! The damage to the bridge and pavement place an enormous burden on the capital budget of my hometown and society in general.
I wish I had never been born… well thanks 'you know who' that at least I live in a free democratic society where the government protects me every day by scanning my private e-mails. Well so much for baking my own bread!

Photographed and Skydrived from my Windows Phone!!

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