Saturday, November 30, 2013

The real reason for not approving keystone !

It is all pure cosmetic politics for Europeans to declare that Canada's oil is dirty!  The U.S. is a not too distant 2nd in hypocrisy - they just want to squeeze our resources at the cheapest possible price using our U.S. oriented infrastructure and by stoking envy and short-sightedness amongst Canada's provinces while claiming to be concerned about the environment.  If anyone is truly concerned about greenhouse gas emissions then China and the U.S. ought to be the real targets!  The following two EIA July 2013 graphs tell you all you need to understand the real story!

Where again is Canada?

Figure 7 EIA Jul 2013.  Really Canadian Oil Sands are a major contributor to greenhouse gases in the world, eh?? The real reason behind the Keystone decisions is about squeezing the prices of Canadian resources to the U.S.   Why are we Canadians so gullible?

It just gals me when people in the OECD with-holier-than-thou attitudes discriminate using the environment as grounds against Canada! Canada, the most pristine country in the world!  Some expression about a splinter in thy neighbour’s eye definitely comes to mind! You know what the Keystone decision is really about? Plain old protectionism! 

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