Sunday, December 22, 2013

How I write my posts and why you would care?

I like to write my posts on a Saturday or Sunday morning around a nice breakfast and a cup of java. I start with musings about the recent markets and how things affect my own investment practices. The 'musing' often includes watching repeats of BNN, reading investment letters on-line and reviewing my portfolio. The latter especially during a week of rising markets J. Added also to the musings is often an update of my 'Stop-loss' Spreadsheet.

This week my spreadsheet has 5 stocks out of 29 that reached a new high and 3 out of 7 market index funds that reached a new high, On average my list traded 5.83% below its peak value compared to 7.59%  a week ago. The median stock price for my list was 2.79% below peak value  compared to 5.16%  a week ago.

Back to the matter at hand. Sometimes I just get no clear picture of what issues may be important to you or me. Then there is not much to write about. At other times I am full of ideas and write several postings in a short time. And... there are times with just one idea to write about. Sometimes, I follow the idea up by creating a spreadsheet and write out the numbers. I also have times that an idea for a posting has been brewing in my head for several days or even weeks, then during Saturday or Sunday morning coffee it crystallizes and I start writing.

The posts themselves are written and edited for the first time within an hour or two, Often I am excited about sharing the post with you and I publish it right away. Then over the next couple of days, and sometimes even a couple of months later, I review the post and realize how poorly the matter at hand may have been described and I start re-writing it. Sometimes I re-write a post 3 or 4 times. Thus, if you have trouble understanding a post, return to it a day or two later and it may have been written more clearly. Also, if you have trouble understanding or if you know a better way of stating the topic of a post, please, drop a [polite] comment and I'll have another go at it.

I do care about my audience and I would love to have comments from you. I know you are out there and that I am not talking into to the void. As of today this blog had over 45,000 page reviews and the viewing numbers seem to increase exponentially over time.

Thank you for your interest and I truly hope that the ideas spouted on this blog help you to become more successful investors.

Godfried Wasser

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