Saturday, May 31, 2014

Buck Passing

The figure below shows the number of page views versus time for this blog. Do I trust it?  Although it is collected by Blogger, I am very suspicious of how reliable it is.  After all, shouldn’t it be expressed in millions rather than thousands of views per month?  J  Also, the first posting on this blog was done on January 2010, so how can the data go back to May 2006?  Still, the trend has (apart for the time scale) an uncanny resemblance with the stock market between 2010 and today.  My readership increases along with the stock market indexes. You may observe the same with my Chapters indicator.  A visit to a Chapters store between 2000 and 2008 showed a never ending and always increasing volume of business and personal finance books on the shelves.  Then between 2008 and 2010 the whole segment of business and personal finance books plunged.  Does this means that everyone is an expert during the good times?  Does this mean that so much was written because of high consumer demand for and high profitability of this genre during boom times?  Thus, is the motivation of these authors the making of a quick buck or is it done with your interest at heart? 
I started my blog during the bad times; I guess I am truly contrarian. But, getting back to the initial question: are the number of page views a stock market indicator?  I think so and it is a warning for you my dear readers.  Are you a bandwagon investor following the latest fashion or do you form your own opinions and are you an investor for the long haul?  I truly believe that as an investor you should first understand your own motivations.  Why are you in?  Just because your neighbors or a friend told you that investing is as much fun as the lottery and you can use your winnings to pay for a nice vacation to Hawaii?  Are you in because you realize that you may have to be able to live of your savings a lot longer than you have employment earnings years?   Or is it because you just love the art of investing? Or whatever other motivation you may have or think you have.  It doesn’t matter to me what your motivation to investing is or that your motivation may change overtime.  But you will have to figure it out for yourself, because your motivation will determine your attitude and your style of investing.  As always and in so many ways, the expressing:  “The buck stops with you” has never been truer.  Or did I just fabricate this expression?  For more on buck passing click here! J


By the way, more than 55,000 pages of this blog have been viewed since inception. If the average page view lasted 10 seconds, did viewers spend more time on this blog than I spend writing it? 

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