Sunday, July 6, 2014

Low PE and Moderate Portfolio – Update July 4 2014 Update

Well it is that time of the year again to review the Low PE and Moderate Portfolio. Our last review was at the end of March.  Since then the portfolios value (including dividend income) has increased from $141, 571.57 to 148,367.55 or 4.8%. That is an annualized 2nd quarter return of 17%; an impressive return.  We started the year with $135,291.65 so for this year’s first 6 months we made $13,079.9 or 9.6% (annualized 19.3%).   The TSX (XIC) ETF which we use as benchmark returned 13.4% including dividends over the first 6 months or 26.8% annualized.  The difference in performance is probably due to the high number of resource stocks in the TSX while our portfolio holds currently none. Also the Low PE and Moderate dividend portfolio holds $37,370 in cash or 25%.
Since inception in January 2012 when we started with $100,000 investment capital we have returned 48.3% or a compound annual interest rate of 17% compared to 11.4% for the TSX (XIC). No changes have been made to the portfolio.

July 4, 2014. Click on table for detailed view. Note Portfolio tracking software is by and includes dividend income.

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