Friday, September 19, 2014

When you reach your goal, you have the choice to move the post

More than 40 years ago as a 19 year old student, I did my first geological fieldwork in France around 90km north of Nice. I got there by train and hitchhiked from Nice to LaMartre dragging a canvas tent with metal poles and some other stuff along with me. 30 days later, I was to return from Nice by air to the Netherlands – my first airplane trip!

I planned to spend the last days of my stay on the beach and sleep right along the water under palm trees.  The Police didn’t agree and send me to a place in town, I was to check-in by 6pm.  I had barely checked in when the doors closed for the night. I had checked into a homeless house run by the Salvation Army and wasn’t allowed to leave until next morning.  All night I heard the sounds of a partying town around me, but couldn’t join the fun. The next morning I was kicked out onto the street at 6 am. I had 4 hours left to enjoy the beach and eat a bun with sardines, some lettuce and other stuff. They called it ‘Pain au Bain’ and it was the most delicious breakfast I ever had. I walked along a road with expensive houses to the airport: “One day, I’ll have a place like that”
Now, many years and adventures later, I am back in Nice and eating 'Panini Bagnat' on a terrace while keying in this post on my tablet. If I really wanted I could buy myself a place here. That is a thing about dreaming and setting goals. You may work towards it, but once you are there, you may see life differently. Now I think about my family in Canada; about friends over there. Yes, I have the option to fulfil this dream or… I can adjust it, having my cake and eating it too. 

As a successful investor you create the financial means to reach your dreams and goals; by doing so you’re creating the option to realize those goals or to… move the goal post. You have created freedom. What dream(s) do you want to realize?

BTW I have rented a car and on Monday I will revisit LaMartre.


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