Thursday, September 18, 2014

You are human and can chose; a seagull isn’t and can’t

Self-knowledge and goal setting (and achieving) are important for an investor. What are you trying to achieve and why? These are truly fundamental issues. Recently I read a great line, I just don’t remember in which book. You get born and you die. In between is your free time. That is exactly true.

Whether you believe in a God or not, in the end we are on earth to do the best with the time we have and if we treat our neighbors as we would like to be treated ourselves things should generally work out. Whether you have a life partner or not, you still have to allocate your life’s time according to what you want to do and according to what you want out of your live. If you don’t know what you want, how can you find a person to spend your live with?

Planning and looking forward is what makes us human. Those were the mysteries of life that I was contemplating on the beaches of the Costa d'Azul in Nice, France. What is the point of looking out over a beautiful landscape or sea if we don’t think; if we don’t plan and spend our time alive in the best possible manner? Why would anyone stare out over the sea without contemplating life unless one is as mindless as a seagull (are seagulls mindless?).

Girl contemplating life in the face of oncoming waves :)

 Or are we just as mindless as a seagull living oblivious of what our live is about?
Really, why make all this money if you don’t know what for? As humans, we have some control over our destiny, we can plan and reach goals – we think and that, ladies and gentleman, makes us human and possibly unique [on earth?]. Our self-awareness, our ability to think that gives us the power to set our destiny. Sometimes circumstances are not easy, but we always strive to get from where we are to some place we think is worthwhile going.

Vacations are taking us out of our daily routine. Daily routines make us sometimes forget what we want out of life - we forget taking stock and forget to mark our progress. Vacation is 'time-out'; celebrating where we are in life and planning where to go next.

I am celebrating hard on the market of old Nice while contemplating life from behind a ‘verre de vin rouge’.
On our vacation we may not find all the answers in our enjoyable search for sense and destiny in life. But we should be able to step back and ask ourselves again what we want and then go for it.

 Oohh, I love to live in Nice in a little apartment looking out over the sea… all day long! Holding hands with my love and doing…. Eh…. doing what? Well, I could work 6 months a year in North America and spend the remaining six months in Nice counting waves on the beach! Well, if that is what you really want what is stopping you? Personally, I’d lose count after the 10th wave and go nuts turning into a seagull!

 Still how would you pay for that apartment in Nice? Ah… now we’re planning and setting goals! That would be your second big investor attribute: I want money to…. And I need how much? Maybe a bit extra, just in case my math is not so good or in case something nasty and unforeseen happens to me.

Maybe your goal in life is to become a seagull not in charge of anything but with the waves of life crashing on you as they come. You are human and you can chose, a seagull isn’t and can’t (so far as I know).

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