Sunday, April 19, 2015

Silver Bullet

Precious metals, especially silver are out of favor, or better are deeply buried in the dumpster below layers and layers of garbage.  Money, as expressed in short and long term interest is cheap. "You have an idea? Here take out a loan at near zero interest and repay me in 10 or so years!  Yeah you could go broke but I can’t earn fixed income any way – cash today is worthless."  Gold and silver are often considered to be mere currencies although not burdened by debt issued by fiat currency printing nations. Thus right now many consider it worthless as well.  Gold, who wants gold? Warren Buffett is known to have stated that gold is not productive and does not throw off a predictable stream of future cash flow. Discounted at 10% it is worthless!  Well maybe not in Europe where we have negative interest rates, but elsewhere….

At least silver can make you some money as an ingredient for some industrial products. But a lot of that has been lost since the obsolescence of photographic film. Remember that quaint material we used ages ago, long before the digital camera, containing images of you as a very small kid, or of your grandparents?  No?  Your relatives probably scanned those some years ago and their files are now present everywhere in the ‘cloud’. 
These days we can barely keep pace with all the new tech such as immunotherapy for cancer and 3D printing of objects.  O yeah, there is now a new angle to 3D printing.  3D printing ‘ink’ can now contain conductive materials patterned like microchips and memory chips. Much smaller though (they're called 'chiplets'), but with significant computing power and even memory storage capacity. Chiplets can now be embedded in any 3D printed object.  Yes, they are an essential ingredient of the ‘IoT’ or Internet of things and the even more live altering Industrial Internet. The possibilities are endless. Cisco’s John Chambers predicts the IoT to be a $19 trillion dollar market.  Guess what conductive material is used in the new revolutionary 3D printing ink?  Did you guess it by now?   Yes it is silver.
So now, in addition to an ersatz currency, Silver may have found a new massive industrial application that will be used in goods ranging from intelligent underwear to your fridge and your intelligent solar panel!  This stuff may soon go up like a rocket! Or better like a silver bullet!
BTW The term 'chiplets' is so new, my spell checker marks it as an error. J

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