Saturday, May 21, 2016

Tired of Average. NO MORE BS, DARN IT!


I MEAN IT… eh, eh… eh

I think I placed the commas and periods correctly.

Anyway, I am getting older. Yesterday I made the 63 mark. So I am getting a bit older, but when I go to a doctor; being eye, dental, or family doctor I just get overwhelmed about all that is wrong with me.  Yes I swim 1600 m in under 45 minutes and I bike to work, to the eye doctor, to do groceries and to have coffee with friends. My BMI is close to perfect which on my FiBit watch is ‘normal’. There is ‘normal’ and then there is BAD! UNDERweight; OVERweight and OOOOBESE!  My cholesterol is 'high' but I hardly eat any red meat. 2 or 3 eggs per week, skimmed-cholesterol free- milk, fish (I love smoked salmon) and I use barrels of olive oil.
Today my eye doctor found a trace of deposits on my macula. That is age-related macular degeneration (AMD not to be confused with AMT or is that ATM?) and 2 million other Canadians are suffering from the same lot. Mine is initial-initial but guess what, there are some special vitamins to fight against it. So too for diabetes (60% of the US is expected to develop diabetes – talking about ‘normal’) and high cholesterol.  As you may remember from an earlier post, my doctor told me that I would have a 20% change of being dead within ten years unless I took all those pills. I won’t go on about the baloney of his/her statistics, I did that some posts ago.
Guess what, there are some 35 million Canadians and of those 6 million or so are over 65. If I am a very healthy old piece of meat that now is supposed to spend more than $100 per month on pills and vitamins, and that amount seems to go up exponentially with each year, I guess the average old coot spends around $250 per month on pharma! Oops that is $250 x 12 x 6 million = a measly $25 BILLION per year – just in Canada!  Then they say that seniors don’t contribute significantly to this economy.  Oh yeah? Last month Baby boomers were a significant proportion of 2nd home, recreational home or retirement home buyers in Canmore.  Wonder how that is in Whistler and in areas of milder climates?     
Yes, invest in the drug industry and I don’t mean the recreational one and … in senior housing! What about empty nester luxury condos? Yes, the millennium generation tries to push the old fogies out of the workplace and make them feel obsolete.  The problem is that they don’t know what they don’t know and old fogies have forgotten more than the millenniums have learned during their entire life!  It is frustrating but reality is that today’s workplace does not respect seniority and to be honest, it is difficult to ‘report’ to a manager of the same age as your kids. Especially when the old guy is a technical specialist and the ‘manager’ is in his position because of his flair, interpersonal skills or he worked at the place since he/she came out of school but mostly NOT because of his/her technical skills. The worry of corporate ratios prescribed by analysts representing the public trading houses and other investment institutions is reaching levels of hysteria not seen before. Like with any stock market excess, ratios are important especially when involving corporate debt, but while managements are scrambling to meet quarterly earnings expectations and consensus ratios expressed by stock market gurus they focus more on stock price performance than on running a long term business with environmental; technical and resource conservation sound practices. Yes, they may want to, but stock market hysteria makes this entirely impossible.  Today’s balance sheet darling is declared tomorrow as being too conservative and not growth oriented. How do you expect these businesses to perform?
We thought that computers would help to become more customer oriented and products would be made more custom tailored. In reality we see the opposite. We’re oppressed by averages and other ratios whether it is health related (I better be ‘normal’ BMI!) or whether it is school grades (everyone has to be in the top 10% of the normal distribution curve - boy, do I hate Jack Welch!) or whether it is corporate averages. Anything that deviates needs to be bankrupt or to be put on medicine.  And it doesn’t stop there. Look at PC (political correctness); politicians and their pols. Everything is based on averages; average perceptions; average ideologies, average… religions??  You get my drift.  If one country has high debt, then the neighbor needs it too. Justin Trudeau is the champion of the average (or better mediocrity) and if the average man doesn’t get his way he manhandles the opposition!  That is how a millennium (is he that young?) treats old and grizzled NDPers like Mulcair (boy was Tom shouting).  Not that I like that slippery eel!  But really, to justify increasing our deficit Justin compares our ratios to U.S. debt - per capita GDP… boy if the Jones-es can do it, we should!  And Alberta’s Notley is there right along with Justin. The recent tax grabs by government from carbon taxes to income taxes are just beyond believe!
Anyway, everyday we’re controlled by fears imposed upon us by our neighbors who resent that you’re richer than the average; who wants you to think like them – just average, which then is referred to as politically correct.  And if you are not with the mainstream… boy oh boy!  You’re pushed into line like cattle by security guards at the airport to fight terrorism; you lose your privacy because of terrorism or… even worse because if you don’t supply your data to industry you don’t get ‘their’ software and you will not able to use the products you bought.  The latest example is Microsoft’s Windows 10 – it will be subscription based and if your equipment is not new enough it will no longer work and if it is new enough the software is buggy! Isn’t it amazing how many apps require access to your cameras and to your family photographs and to the GPS on your phone?  Are we truly living in a free society or are we under continuous threats to be pushed and shoved into mainstream so that we are better controlled by the wealth management companies; by car dealerships and leasing companies; by big pharma and our doctors who receive perks for pushing yet another pill into us; by our employers who threaten us continuously with layoffs and consequently the loss of our family home or worse by government.  Haven’t you noticed how everyone else is an expert and you are just an idiot?

It is time to stand up. It is time to say along with James Altucher,'I chose myself'!  It is time to stand-up for yourself and not to be threatened and cajoled by the unthinking herds that politely votes for the same politicians and bends for the dictatorship of technology and industry. It is time to see that if you properly plan, you can be telling your employer to screw himself (or herself or itself to be ‘PC’ J). It is time to no longer be bullied by statisticians who apparently can tell you what you think before you even think of it. It is of course all bullshit and I would love hearing you shout: No more BS, I am my own woman, man or it!

I know, I am ranting... yet?

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