Sunday, March 5, 2017

Another explanation for the populist vote

What is going on in this world?  Brexit, Trump, Marin Le Pen !  Racism; anger ; discontent ; xenophobic drivel!

Let me say it different. People are fed up being told how they should live!  That, I think, is the real issue. We live in a world where information is bombarded into our heads continuously from shouting advertisements when we wake up and turn on our laptop or tablet, to political parties and news papers that berate us on political correctness, worrying about everything from fugitives to SARS to cholesterol, climate change and an economy that approaches the end of the world. Top it off with a continuous flood of change and uncertainty. No wonder people are dreaming of a simpler live and to be left alone. Yesterday my car repair shop reminded me via a direct marketing call that I MUST come in for my 48,000km maintenance and that I better put on a set of new tires.
Then my dentist tells me that I HAVE to floss while I just read in the newspaper that flossing does not have an immediate health benefit. Cholesterol is good again and the consumption of butter is healthy… until next week. Blueberries are a great anti-oxidant and cinnamon is good for diabetics. Every minute there is a new ‘fact’ thrown at you about your physical or mental lifestyle and what you should do. People just are fed up with experts, smooth talking politicians, about hearing that our income hasn’t kept up with inflation and oodles of other nonsense.

It is nonsense! Truly, we never lived so good; if they only stopped telling us how miserable live and the economy is one might actually enjoy  life. But then, who would make money if nobody bought news papers and supported politicians?

This is what the public truly says when voting for Brexit or Trump: ‘Leave me alone. Stop harassing me over paying taxes, carbon BS and border taxes. I just want to live in peace and if you don’t do that then we will vote for alternatives just to get rid of you busybodies.’ In today's world, it is nearly impossible not to be deluged with advice about what you ought to do. Including personal finance.  So shut down your darn computer. Close down your web browser and enjoy life. Get off this blog!

To be honest, I don’t care whether you read this blog or not. I don’t make money of it, nor do I get a lot of feed back. For me it is kind of a financial diary and I shoot my ideas into cyberspace… a vacuous sounding board. Who knows, someone may benefit from it or considers me a looser, a ‘troll’, or whatever. So, close this blog and go enjoy your life without worrying about what I or anyone else tells you about what you should do.
Darn it, even the spell and grammar checker is trying to tell me what to do!  Wellllll EYE Donut Kiff eh Shittt!

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