Saturday, September 16, 2017

The Declining Middle Class is because lack of self-accountability

Right now we’re all up in arms about the liberal changes of small corporate taxes. In the meantime, Morneau and his cronies claim this is needed to fight evil tax dodgers which are of course the ‘rich’. This is just another lie in the class warfare between the ‘Deep State’ and the middle class. And of course, being employed is quite different than being self-employed and or running a small business. It is difficult to imagine yourself in the shoes of others and… we think that the grass on the other side of the fence is always greener. It is easy for a divisive government to single out a portion of the population and have the rest of the population believe that they should be taxed even more. If you think that Pierre Trudeau was divisive, just wait until Justin is done with you!
Reality is that when Canada voted for the liberals, it voted for more government and, no matter all the liberal promises, that means higher debt and wasting a lot of money on green and other socially nice utopian dreams. The slogan that liberals tax higher and spend more is absolutely true. It is also true that there are in each society ‘haves’ and don’t haves. The more don’t haves there are the more they vote liberal or even worse, they vote NDP. They vote to tax others and give themselves more money which in the end is self-defeating.  This is further exacerbated by the government system – anyone that makes a living of the government: civil servants, accountants, lawyers, politicians, nurses, teachers and of course, the media and the think tanks and the universities.  These represent the ‘intellectuals’, the opinion makers, and the manipulators that want to use their unearned powers to tell everyone how to live. They are what some refer to as the ‘Deep State’.  Mostley, they are not elected by the population and they are not very democratic. It is all about having power over the masses and to tell them how to live.
Then there is the real economy which we call the private sector: that portion of society that produces things; exports and imports and that provides services.  There is a grey area between the Deep State and the private sector - as usually not everything is black and white. Part of the private sector is  ‘old money’ those people who inherited their wealth and often walk around with a guild complex and a lack of appreciation for the true value of things.  Old money often votes liberal as well.  Then there are the extreme rich like Warren Buffett in many ways self-made, although his farther was a stock broker in the early 1900s, so there was some ‘privilege’ as well.  Bill Gates also came from a privileged background, but still in many ways is self-made.  Then there are other extreme rich, such as movie stars who every day are in shock about how rich they are. Many of these guys do excessive philanthropy and… out of guild vote democrat or liberal as well.
What remains is the self-employed middle class, which is fleeced every day by those liberals and their Deep State. The ‘Middle Class’ make between $50,000 and $150,000 per year. Not many politicians make that little money. Just check the people in city hall!  No wonder the middle class is shrinking. The middle class and the poor are the largest part of the population but it is mostly the small business owners, farmers, doctors, shop keepers and most professionals that are the libertarians of this world. Big Business is not on their side. Senior management and senior government officials are not that different. Big business management is about adhering to political correctness, social consent, corporate policy and ‘culture’ while stuffing their pockets with other people’s money.  No wonder the middle class is shrinking or pushed into poverty.  Especially the employed, though, seem to think that it is the self-employed portion of the middle class that get’s away with murder and it thinks that the corporations that others work for are polluters and evil but that the ones they work for need protection. Hence many vote liberal.
That is the source of the current ‘class warfare’, something liberals are so good at. Libertarians are often the small business owners that want to be their own man; that want to be accountable to themselves and their community not to the faceless bureaucrats and national politicians so far removed from their reality. Libertarians want to be their own man; they want less government and more say over their own life and finances. Through life experience they often know that there are lots of risks in life and they are inherently more conservative.  Strangely enough, their middle class employed cousins are not thinking about he future other than dreaming of a golden retirement where they do nothing but travel and have overseas vacations. This, while the self-employed build their savings and their businesses; they often become the new millionaires. The employed middles class does not build but spend their money and live from paycheck to paycheck; they and most of their children get entrenched in their social position or end up in poverty. Slaves of the banks and envying their entrepreneurial cousins. They are their own worst enemy who want the ‘Deep State’ to take care of them and tax the rest of the middle class. And that is why we have a shrinking middle class.  Is it not easier to have others take care of you and then blame everyone else for your impoverishment? 

So, if you want to have a prosperous growing middle class; start with yourself and be accountable to yourself; refuse to become a slave of the bank and your government. Yes, we all are in someone’s employ at one point in time but really, the goal is to be your own man (or woman) and don’t let others tell you how to live. Build your own resources and use them as you want. It is not for nothing that the middle-class entrepreneur provides most jobs in this society: not big business nor government. 

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