Sunday, October 22, 2017

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Here is something for you to consider. When planning for your financial future you may come across ideas or projects that seem unsurmountable to you.  To plan for something 30 years from now is not something that comes naturally to most of us. But you must take action now!  Otherwise, you are already defeated before you start.  Is it impossible to become a millionaire?  Not really, most of us can – we just have to inform ourselves, make a plan 10, 20 maybe 30 years out and execute one little step at a time.
The two really difficult things are 1. Taking action, i.e. starting and 2. Sticking with it. The latter is one of the most difficult things to do; it is sometimes called self-discipline.  Sticking to it during economic downturns; personnel hardship and crises is far from easy. But if the goal is worthwhile it can be done. Use everything in your power from visualization (see yourself in your dream house with wife and happily squealing kids! – maybe more realistic: grand kids) to programming your brain (book is titled ‘The Answer’ if I correctly recall) to self-hypnosis, whatever.  I don’t recommend self-flagellation or forms of masochism! 😊

Starting to implement your plan is often far from easy.  Say you want to build your dream home. Why not design it; visualize the neighborhood where it is going to be. Make yourself feel as if you are there and that it is real and possible. Failure is not an option. Nothing is truly for nothing. So, one way to get committed is by telling everybody around you about it. Some may make fun of you; but you will show them!  Some may think you have too high an opinion of yourself; prove you are as good as you know you can be! And you will soon find out who the ones are that try to pull you down in life; that suck up your energy instead of supporting you. Drop them like the cancer they are! Stick with the ones who are rooting for you; even want to help. Make sure you don’t mix-up support with a rip-off scheme. Trust people until they prove otherwise; if they take advantage of you get rid of them forever. Be merciless in your pursuit of what is important to you.
What better way to disclose your ambitious, maybe even your most ambitious plans, to your friends and family; put it on Facebook. You’ll soon will find out whom you really can count on. Constructive criticism is fine; but block those who just are negative and suck away your motivation. Great plans always lead somewhere. Nothing is for nothing. The road to the goal is more important than actually getting there but your commitment; your tenacity is key. Put your dream on Facebook; show pictures of what you want to do, who you want to be and where you want to be. Life is about putting energy in and pursuing those things that you feel are important and worth pursuing. The end result may be different than you visualized when you started the journey. More often than not; you will go far beyond what you imagined.  So start by posting it on Facebook. Let the world see what you want; somehow you will find resources in the most unexpected corners that will help you to achieve what you want.

For us investors we may start out simple; it does not have to be complex.  You can start with saying: I want my first million by age 35. I want a happy family with 2 kids and a beautiful wife. By 40 I want two million including a family home with large garden. By 50 I want 4 million and teenagers that don’t drive me mad. By 60 I want 8 million; grown-up happy offspring; doing whatever I want; including nice vacations to exotic places hand in hand with my loving spouse (or partner or whatever). You think this is over-ambitious?  Not really; it takes a rate of return of less than 10% to do so!  Put it on Facebook; when others know your intentions, they may help. Drop the ones who sabotage you!
BTW when dealing with teenagers: realize that the difficult ones may prove to be most successful and the ones you are very proud of. I have two kids they both had their struggles in various stages of their life. But I am proud of both and how they make successfully their own life. I am sure they will reach, in one form or another, what they want in life and become successful adults; who can ask for more? If you think Steve Jobs or Bill Gates or the Beatles were easy teenagers, think again… and again!

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