Friday, January 19, 2018

Adventures of an amateur investor

Herman van Genderen is a long time investor - more than 30 years experience.  I met him about 10 years ago when I bought a recreational apartment from him in Canmore at the beginning of the financial crisis.  Up to now, he got the better side of the deal.  Herman was more interested to invest into farmland at that time and to top it off he was offered a job on the wrong side of this beautiful country and wouldn't be able to enjoy his apartment any longer.

Like many successful investors do, Herman wants to give back a bit by showing how amateurs can make money in the stockmarket while earning decent returns; similar to my reason for writing this blog. Herman gave me a copy of his book and a link to his blog. The title of Herman's book, which made the 'weekly 10 best selling investment book list on Amazon' is: "Stocks for Fun and Profit". The book's subtitle is "Adventures of an amateur investor" which according to Herman should have been the main title. Alas, you have to compromise when trying to sell your books.

So, Herman's book is really about his views of investing which served him well over many years. Herman and I don't always agree on everything investing. For example, Herman is in the camp that says that your home is NOT an investment while I vehemently disagree.  I don't buy anything of significant valley unless it has the potential of making more money.

But that is nothing new in the world of investing. Just see how even famous investors such as Carl Icahn and Bill Ackman view things such as Herbalife completely differently. For you the reader, this is about learning new investment ideas and concepts rather than about finding the one-and-only truth. If there was only one right investment, I wouldn't tell anyone about it but just get filthy-st..nking rich by owning as much as possible of it. :)

So go have a look at Herman's blog and his book. I will.

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