Saturday, February 17, 2018

Science is about thinking outside the box – so much for scientific ‘consensus’

Whether it is toeing the line with the #metoo movement; political correctness or climate change, so many issues are politicized rather than based on reason. Scientists are often quoted as objective sources of knowledge but really, nobody is truly objective. There are so many motivations for choosing one direction or another that range from your emotional tendencies to your political views or cultural upbringing.  The West has been obsessed with diabetes, blood pressure and diet for decades. Can we be certain that when medical associations shift a criterion such as a blood sugar level up or down that it is not motivated due to its connections with the pharmaceutical industry? The latter would benefit hugely from more people on diabetic medicines.  Don’t we all fear to go to the car mechanic, because there seems always something that might need more work? Even if it was just changing the air filter. There is an entire industry out there that makes a living accusing the pharma industry of not solving the diabetic condition and thus ensuring continued pharma clients for many more years if not decades. Many of these accuser groups tell you it is just a matter of diet and that if you buy their diets your diabetic problems will be gone within weeks.  The same is the case for blood pressure where criteria have been adjusted to identify more patients with potential health problems and who consequently need more ‘medical coaching’ and more medication.  The Type I and Type II diabetes criteria have now become so nonsensical and confusing that patients have no idea what they really suffer from. Because type II is also related to genetics not necessarily lifestyle or diet. What is the truth?

The Mayo Clinic has even life expectancy forecasting apps on their website based on the most generalized statistics one can only dream of in nightmares to suggest that lifestyle must be changed.  Next thing you read is that high cholesterol is more related to genetics than diet. Butter, eggs and even bacon is ‘good’ again!  Many obese people don’t have diabetes and many ‘skinny’ people have diabetes and high cholesterol. Oh no… it is your age!  If you don’t get older then you wouldn’t need to be concerned about the leading cause of death, whichever that is these days.  I am sure someone has a remedy against aging – for a price! Your insurance premiums are based on statistics and on those same criteria that our medical associations point to identify your health risks.  If all this work was really without fault, then why do we continuously change our story?
Do you know how many emails I get from financial research every day? Research that points out trends that lead to new highs because of yet another obscure price pattern they discovered that has led to profits in 23 years over the last 30 years?  These are the same ‘statistical methods’ as our medical friends use and by now we know that most are a function of the eye of the beholder. I run statistical data for my geology projects and I realize how often I see trends I ‘want to see’ and how much of the data changes in meaning when I plot it on a different scale or in a different way.  I have been in the geology profession for close to 40 years and I realize how little I know and how little we know.
But every new observation is published by the media as the new ‘It’! Yet another threat to your life or your lifestyle has been identified. North Korea’s impending nuclear attack of the U.S. and with a likely chance that Canada could be hit as well!  So, the government should be investing in NORAD ASAP. Especially since military spending was cut down to less than sustainable under Obama!  Oh the World health organization has just announced how many people are going to die from the latest flue scare and that you should avoid eating lettuce from Mexico that has been irrigated with virus loaded, sewage extracted water.  But o wait… scientists have discovered salmonella in a Brooks, Alberta meat packing plant and you are recommended not to eat chicken for the foreseeable future.  We are manipulated by fear mongering based on quasi-scientific data!  You are manipulated by one sided arguments where politicians influence you in believing one side of the argument rather than the other based on pure dogma. School funding is based on what politicians believe their future voters should believe. The Calgary School Board lately invited David Suzuki to speak on the climate change issue and his so-called scientific ideas!  Any CEO who dares to deviate, as David has stated in the past, should be send to jail. Pure evil are those who doubt the argument of global warming no matter how many times the story was changed; yet 20 or 50 years from now the globe will undoubtedly be 0.87654 degrees warmer than today!
Do you know how ludicrous it is to represent the global temperature by one average temperature and then to predict that said temperature is increasing by 0.87654 degrees over the next two decades and as a consequence sea-level will be rising and the shorelines of Mexico will go underwater? I am sorry if I spoiled your vacation plans but in a few years your time-share along the South American Pacific won’t be there anymore. Its all based on climate science which really has no reliable data going back more than 30 or 50 years!  Why do you think they try to interpret temperatures from historical pictures such as skating on Dutch canals in the 1600s during the little ice age?  Have you ever tried to calculate the world’s average temperature from last year’s skating photos on the Rideau Canal in Ottawa?  Or from growth rings of the tree trunk in your backyard?
So here is the scientific consensus of all the scientists who have been bought or manipulated by the United Nations.  Yet here is also Patrick Moore, past founder of Green Peace, as well as several biologists who have concluded that life on this earth needs a minimum amount of CO2 in the atmosphere to flourish. That CO2 levels in today’s atmosphere (as one would expect during interglacial periods) tend to be too low and that life on earth may be extinct in two million years no-matter how much CO2 China is blowing into the atmosphere.   There is also yet, another group of scientists, probably just as evil as Patrick Moore and probably also funded by the biased oil industry or the Americans who manipulate Canadians not to build pipelines, so we, Canadians, can’t sell to Asia or worse sell to China but rather sell at a severe discount only to our ‘friends’ in the South. This other group of Scientists – often shunned by politicians and the press - have been studying sun spot activity and its effect on global climate. These scientists have found that the Little Ice-age in the 1600s was related to cyclicity in sun spot activity – or better several cyclical patterns of sun spot related types of cosmic radiation. They predict a cooling of the climate and another small ice age within this decade. A lot has been done on climate – some far earlier than that so-called 'Inconvenient Truth’ which proved to be full of misleading stats.
I have a dream that one day, the public will wake up and realize how much it is manipulated by special interest groups who fund all kinds of politicians to scare us into decisions that many of us would normally not make.  Some stuff is obvious such as the fact that cities and other large accumulations of human activity do influence our immediate surroundings; we know that radio-activity from Fujiyama showed up on the west coasts of the North American continent some time later; just like debris from the large 2004 Indonesian Tsunami drifted across the Pacific.  So yes, we do influence the world around us. But is this all CO2 related? Does this mean that all climate-change-deniers are evil-reactionary-white-man-dominated capitalists? If one refuses to sign a declaration supporting abortion on the education funding application for one’s religion based private school , then there won’t be funding from the Liberal Government. In the future will the next government only fund schools that are supporting abortion?  What about freedom of speech and opinion?
Really with all this extremism are we surprised that we now have a bitter fight between the socialists running B.C. and those running Alberta? More and more executives are now speaking out about Canada’s anti-business policies and yes, the U.S. with that Bully in power will leave us behind in the dust of their economic boom. This is what happens when people think they understand science and polarize their opinions declaring the other side as ‘evil’. In the middle ages, Europe was manipulated into burning antagonists on the stake without due process all in the name of a God; whether he or she exists has not even been decided upon 400 years later.  These days anyone with suspicious political ideas away from the streamlined, politically manipulated ideas of the mainstream have their reputation go up in flames without due process often in the name of polarized dogma or unproven science.
Why does society have to be manipulated and scared into voting in favor of one group of fanatics or another.  It is obvious that we cannot pollute without constraint or we will poison ourselves. You don’t need to look farther than China! Especially with world population continuing to expand. But do we have to be so polarized to find ‘common’ ground? – well after the ‘enemy’ has been silenced. Some claim more people are killed by avoidable doctor’s mistakes than by traffic and guns! So much for science! Or should I say statistics? Another statistic that shows how often science may go wrong is that 16% of people in hospital die following misdiagnosis! What about the accurate science of opinion polling?
Most great scientific discoveries have not been made with ‘consensus’ from the scientific community, if there is such a thing, except in the deluded minds of our political leadership. After all, dissidents won’t receive funding! Most discoveries such as ‘continental drift’ (now known as 'Plate Tectonics’) went against the prevailing thinking of the scientific community of the day, that was in our geological example the 1950s. Was it not Galileo who argued that the world was not the center of universe and was he not tried by inquisition?  Talking of thinking outside the box!  Neither have scientists been free of political bias. Socrates died because of his political views (poisoned). So science is often not entirely objective and it is about thinking-outside-the box – daring to think differently that often leads to great new discoveries.  Just like in investing, the consensus is often wrong if not manipulated!  Next time you so heatedly discuss issues maybe ask yourself how much do you really know about the topic? Even after working on such a topic for many decades rather than reading occasionally about it in the newspaper.

Last week there was the trial of a Saskatchewan farmer and the death of an indigenous intruder.  The public had already formed a judgment and the moment that the judiciary came out with a different verdict cries of indignation went up, including that from this country's populist prime minister, about how the justice system should be changed and that this was clearly a race-based judgment.  I have experienced Canada’s court system (although not the criminal court) on several occasions. I am shocked with the indifference of these courts and rulings that are seemingly nearly arbitrary like throwing the dice or based on how long you can afford to go on.  I have learned that in Canada contracts are often not worth the paper it is written on. So my remedy is simple: avoid getting into the court system where the bad guys have already the loot and you the victim can only expect to get a high lawyers bill. Choose with whom you do business carefully. I know, HR departments would scream ‘nepotism and bigotry’ but in real life it is best to do only business with people you like and trust. Sorry, if I don’t jump up and down in eagerness doing business with a complete stranger or someone whose gut I hate; just for the sake of not appearing to be in conflict of interest or to be politically correct. Because I know that if things go wrong I usually end up with the short end of the stick anyway. I prefer that things don’t go wrong and thus to avoid our horrible justice system. And if that is what some call politically incorrect then go and scr… Oops!

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