Saturday, March 31, 2018

B.C.'s environmental opposition to oil patch exposed as peak hypocrisy

Well, finally the cat is out of the bag. B.C.’s environmental hypocrisy, and that of many other parts in Canada, has been exposed. There is no real reason to so heatedly oppose Alberta’s pipelines to tide water; to the contrary. It is pure political opportunism that makes many politicians oppose these pipelines out of fear of losing the votes of a large proportion of uniformed and naïve Canadians.  Activists supported by millions of dollars from U.S. special interests have blocked Alberta’s access to tidewater. They blamed Alberta’s oil patch, one of the world’s most regulated and ‘cleanest’ hydrocarbon producing jurisdictions in the world, for every environmental problem, real or perceived, that they could think of.

B.C. cites the risks of tankers in it’s coastal waters as a reason for this extremist opposition. But how many Alaskan oil tankers have moved to U.S. refineries through the Strait of Juan de Fuca without a peep from those same B.C. movements? Who opposed the new LNG ports in Washington? The governor of that state? Just like he encouraged B.C.’s pipeline opposition? The current Trans Mountain Pipeline and resulting tanker traffic had no major incidents for decades. Yet, building a modernized, much safer pipeline system, although with larger capacity, would be the most calamitous thing that could ever happen to B.C.? Something so critical that the province's NDP and Green Parties even support civil disobedience and trying to implement unconstitutional regulations to fight the federally approved pipeline expansion.

Then, the straw that broke the camel’s figurative back. The leftist B.C. government for fear of losing votes from a large portion of its own population, suddenly approves incentives for building a huge LNG project on its coast. A population that increasingly supports new pipeline projects. A population that sees the end of a real estate boom and the potential deflation of its wealth- and of course the loss of all those jobs associated with real estate and construction. What happened to their government’s principles?  This is nearly as corrupt as Quebec’s opposition to the use of a Cacouna port terminal for the Canada East Pipeline out of ‘concerns for the beluga whale’. Then when TransCanada gave up, Quebec's government presented plans for a commercial port on the exact same spot and apparently without concern for said beluga whales.

Really, what is going on? No wonder the rising vote for Alberta separatism. And of course, we cannot exempt the lame behavior from curly boy who is hard on his way to create as divided a country as his dad did.  Is it not ironic how the liberals always accused Stephen Harper to be undemocratic and divisive, yet we had under the latter the most harmonious provincial/federal relations experienced in decades. Don’t get me started!
In Ontario the green-wave of super expensive utility prices, especially that of electricity (in a province with such abundance of hydro-power) seems to be coming to an end as well. Sick and tired of a decade of liberal malfeasance, there is a good chance Ontarians will vote the conservatives into power. I don’t know what to think of the remaining Ford brother, but it should be an improvement over the current corrupt regime; the one that systematically destroyed the digital records of its own actions. Those same liberals along with Obama 'Democrats' who exploited the Facebook records of millions to manipulate voters and who now cry outrage because they where beaten at their own games by that evil populist president in Washington.
B.C.s hypocrisy is beating it all. But by now, even the most naïve Canadians should realize how they have been misled by leftist groups and U.S. interests into believing that Alberta’s oil patch was the source of all evil in this country rather than what it really is. The source of a lot of Canadian wealth while operating with much more concern for the environment than any other hydrocarbon producing area on this planet. I don’t want to say Alberta is saintly. There is always room for improvement; but if you have to go through the hoops for drilling an oil or gas well in Alberta or, for that matter, in Saskatchewan as I have seen many times, you would think it excessive. When you compare what an oil company is not allowed to do with that what a typical Saskatchewan farmer can do without a second thought, you’d be astounded. The extremes Alberta oil and gas companies are required to go through when constructing a local pipeline with in its path a ‘sacred first nation’s plant’; it is incredible. I have experienced it in real life and you wouldn’t dream of importing Saudi Oil or even that from our neighbors in the south because Alberta’s oil and gas is truly produced at much higher environmental and safety standards than hardly anywhere else.
Having only received heavily discounted oil prices because of Alberta’s landlocked position and the environmental hypocrisy, Canadians may finally recognize where the real source of trouble lies. When environmentalists support riskier, super-expensive oil-by-train transport rather than much more economic and safer pipelines what is going on in their minds? With export bottlenecks that forces our producers to accept very large price discounts (and thus severely reduced federal and provincial government’s royalty and income tax revenue plus the loss of many… many jobs) while U.S. refineries sell Alberta oil derived products with massive profits then who are the real suckers and who are the real manipulators?
It is more than overdue to build what really creates a sustainable economy in Canada and in Alberta.  It is time to build modern, safe pipelines and also those B.C. LNG facilities and to create renewed prosperity. And… kick B.C.’s current government out of office ASAP – that should be good for B.C., Alberta and the Rest of Canada (even Quebec).

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