Sunday, March 11, 2018

Is Canada finally coming to its senses and votes for accountability?

Canada’s left, especially the arrogant liberals, don’t mind democracy when it agrees with their contorted ideas. But as soon as politics swing to the right, the mudslinging and crying of foul starts. The others have ‘hidden agendas’; remember Paul Martin and Jean Chretien (the latter an architect of the much hated NEP failure)? All non-liberals are white male conservative pigs! Remember the liberal fear mongering against Stephen Harper?  And when the federal liberals got elected under pretty boy that was of course strictly for intellectual responsible election promises such as small budget deficits; election reform (I guess they don’t like that less populated regions have some preferred rights to be represented in the House and in government)!  What's left of these promises? Nothing! When they fund education, they only do that for schools that support abortion. And when pipelines that are approved might get build they start changing the rules (two NEB reforms in less than two years). They love small business owners although these owners are dishonest tax cheaters according to these silver spooned liberal owners of overseas trust accounts. We have seen the disastrous impact of 12 years liberal government in Ontario and the lost competitive edge.  Good old Justin is doing exactly the same nation-wide. He creates massive divisions across the country rather than unification.  He travels all over the world and to the U.S. playing nice guy while telling everyone that they do it all wrong. He gets shown the door in the U.S., politely!  He gets a cold shoulder in China where the trade negotiations are ‘postponed’. And in India, he is kicked out in no unclear language. So much for building Canada’s good overseas reputation; now sullied by the liberal tendency to not only tell Canadians how they should think but now they preach to the rest of the world about their holier-than-thou attitudes.

When Doug Ford is being elected as the new PC leader of Ontario, he is not a conservative politician. The first thing the left, including the liberals call him is ‘populist’ because he stands for what many Canadians in Ontario want. He is another Donald Trump who ought to be despised.  I am no fan of the Donald, but in-spite of all the vitriol in the U.S. press (which is already more polarized than ours during ‘civil’ times), he did get his tax reform in year 1; he did get North Korea to the table by calling a spade a spade. I don’t like dealing with that Trump guy regarding NAFTA but you know what, I don’t think his demands for ending the Diary Marketing Boards in Canada is a bad thing.  If Canadian farmers, with all our land and resources, can’t compete without protection which makes wines, cheese, eggs and so many other foods that much more expensive for the Canadian public, then they don’t deserve to be farmers regardless how much they love their rural lifestyle. The Canadian Wheat Board was dismantled under Stephen Harper, was that so disastrous?  Nobody even talks about it anymore. That is how much good that thing did for both farmers and consumers!  If liberals truly love the middle class they lower their food bills by getting rid of those marketing boards once and for all! 

I don’t like that everything is aimed at business. A government has an obligation to create fair opportunities for all. But to tell people through legislation and subsidies how to live is not only elitist, it just doesn't work. To declare everyone thinking differently than you undesirable is not acceptable. Ontario, Canada’s most populated province, seems to finally realize how important it is to keep the government out of your house; to be accountable to ourselves – not to the point that those that make wrong decisions are ostracized or starve but they will pay the price for their mistakes; to have not everything regulated from the doorknobs in your house to the schools your kids must attend (without parents being informed of their kids' problems and attitudes like Alberta’s Notley thinks is recommendable) is not acceptable. These social laws that want to protect children from a few bad parents at the price of taking away the information that the bulk of us, well-meaning parents need to guide the lives of our off-spring is just beyond belief - it is an extreme form of patronizing. And if you protest against that liberal attitude, you were a ‘bigot’ and these days you are a ‘populist’.  Sorry Liberals, I detest your ideas of democracy; I detest your self-righteous attitudes that you want to impose on all of us; I detest your polarized attitudes while you accuse others of what you yourself do every day.

I don’t know about Rob Ford or Patrick Brown. But I do know about the effects that all these liberal dogmas have had on Ontario’s prosperity. No life is not only about money and I want conservative governments also to pay attention to the family and shrinking middle class – but through instilling a culture of accountability and pragmatism not through self-righteous ideology and endless legislation.

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