Sunday, March 25, 2018

My greatest fear about Climate Change

We may sit here thirty years from now, comparing then with now. Probably we won’t recognize many things; life will dramatically change.  Looking back, we may be wondering about the gullible masses of the early 2000s and their hysteria about CO2 and climate change. These were the early days of the climate science and everybody thought all warming was our fault and we should feel guilty about it and as penance we imposed hydrocarbon taxes and scolded the people who didn’t believe in climate change. We will recognize the enormity of Al Gore’s fraud and that of many other politicians, especially on the left. After all, it was nothing more than the fear-for-change that was used to manipulate the thinking and behavior of the ‘grey-washed masses’. Classic left elitist thinking they had the right to tell how people should live. In fact, the political right was not entirely free of blame either as a lot of this climate change fear mongering was first used in the 1980s by Margaret Thatcher, the Iron Lady (she apparently was truly a baroness), in her fight against the unions. Talk about feminism and equality, how come Britain had a female Prime Minister – the longest serving British Prime Minister in history – with such an unequal sexist and bigoted world around her?  Will we talk about Angela Merkel as we now do about the Iron Lady?

So, then in the mid 2020s, the masses were finally convinced that they had been misled by their politicians and the backlash was enormous. The respect people had for politicians fell below that of used-electric car salesmen… salespersons. Donations and support for green activist organizations dried up instantaneously and environmental regulations and taxes ended up along with other four-letter words and taboos. Stephan Dion along with Al Gore was stricken from the books of history and that old genetic fake-scientist from B.C., David Suvlaki or something like that was removed from the Order of Canada and his fancy house was annexed by BC’s government as compensation for the societal damage this fraud has caused.  The masses were just livid and if not restrained they would have lynched the entire political smooth-talking class. This class that used to know so well how others, not as well versed in what they imagined knowing, should live. If you think the public was skeptic of politicians in the 1990 to 2010 period, just wait until you see what happened in the 2020s.  And newspapers like the Globe & Mail in Canada were declared hate-speech spreading publications that should be banned forever. Many of their columnists, excluding of course Margaret Wente - defender of common sense, were ostracized from society.

We finally learned, Climate is enormously complex and has ruled this planet’s surface for so many eons in one form or another. Climate is affected (obviously) by too many factors to really be predictable with any accuracy. People learned that this planet of ours is a living entity that changes and evolves continuously and we, mankind are a proud part of it. Earth temperatures are extremely complex, governed by factors such as solar spot activity, all kinds of cosmic radiation, the land/water ratio on earth’s surface, the amount of biological activity on the planet, the weight of the atmosphere, the adsorption capacity of all kinds of gases and matters by water and land on the planet.  We humans finally realized we knew virtually nothing and that is truly the starting point of a lot of good science. Observing with a sense of wonder and amazement for the sake of learning; not to rule climate and adjust it to our ‘needs’ with extreme fake scientific hubris.

As said, the public backlash of the 2020s was enormous. It was as it was in the days of the adolescent baby boomers with the sexual and religious liberation, when many lost their moral compass. What to believe in, what is true? Well dear reader, there is very little in this world that is absolutely true. Our humanity truly depends on being less judgmental and dogmatic about matters that we really know very little about. I fear, that when we lose, over the coming years, our moral compass about the environment, our new indifference towards any environmental damage may result in even more damage than nearly 50 years of focus on the exaggerated effects of CO2 or similarly the misleading knowledge regarding cholesterol on people suffering from obesity has done. Is the current marijuana move a backlash against decades of campaigning against tobacco or alcohol?  What damage will that do to society? And organized crime just will move into another territory of misunderstood consumption. Remember how the booze bootleggers became part of the establishment after legalizing alcohol? Wasn’t the Kennedy-clan part of that crowd? If not the Kennedys than certainly Canada’s Bronffman family found its roots in bootlegging.

The above is obviously a mixture of truths and half-truths, as far as there is a truth.  But I wouldn’t be surprised if the backlash of the revelation that Climate Change is more a political scheme than true science will put environmental interest groups in the penalty box for decades to come and that the ‘C’-word becomes unspeakable. That would be a pity. That is why I am writing this post because we did over the years a lot of good for our environment. In 1970s Europe there was a network of poisoned waterways where kids were no longer allowed to swim. Can you imaging youth like in my home country no longer able to swim in the lakes or rivers behind so many homes?  Remember the radio-active dumping grounds? A lot still hasn’t been cleaned up. But today you can swim again in European rivers and dispersed garbage is now cleaned up. The Netherlands, Germany (think ‘Ruhrgebiet’) have been cleaned up. Yes, it is not everywhere clean but considering how many people live in Europe it is quite livable if not just beautiful again. China is now a dumping ground, but there as well people realize they cannot keep on poisoning the environment and themselves. To become perfect in a 1.3 billion people nation will probably take a lot of effort and of course not all is polluted.

When people wake-up to real climate science, which is just in its infancy then they may become so jaded that a lot of these gains are lost. That is what I fear the most. Our obsession is with CO2, a gas which is indeed quite natural and beneficial for this planet, while we forget about all the rest which is a lot more important and realistic.

Politicians are typically not scientists; they are trying to steer people towards their ideas which are often polarized ideologies. They are thriving on broken promises; people’s fears and they will do about anything to get elected, because the power of Canada’s government and its bureaucrats is growing like a mushroom and they want ‘in’. You maybe afraid of Facebook’s invasion into our private lives or that of Google or Amazon. But just like the use of oil that is unstoppable for decades to come, so is the collection of private data.  It is not the collection of this data that is evil. It is about how this data is used which can be for good or for bad and everything in between.

If a shopkeeper knows you and understands your personal needs, nearly all would love that. It makes our lives easier and the shopkeeper knows that by providing better service and advice he/she will prosper along with you. But if the data is used for political voter manipulation then that is a negative. If our data is used to control us so we can’t resist the powers that be (except our spouses of course 😊) then it becomes a concern.  We love on-line banking and investing but if our banks take advantage of our trust and sell us products we don’t really need or sell us investments we lose money on while the bank wins, that is evil. If our bank’s databases are breached by hackers that is evil and it may cause a lot of misery. 

There is nothing wrong with government and its bureaucracy as long as it works for us rather than that we work for their fancy pensions and power-lust. There is nothing wrong with caring about the environment; it is admirable and almost everyone would agree with that. But when it is smeared to fulfill the dreams of fanatics, for political power and just for getting rich based on useless products or misleading ideas then it becomes evil. When the evil of power and money hungry manipulators is exposed and I don’t think that day is far off, I wish that all of us will retain our desire for a clean and sustainable world.

The basis of a lot of our success and prosperity in this world can be found in sound and objective thinking. Freedom of speech, free thinking and individual property ownership is what underlies our creativity not dictatorial systems fitting square pegs in round holes and with no respect for the individual. The idea that what is good for the many should supersede that of the few is wrong. It is the basis upon which people are send to war. It is the basis for religious persecution and the basis for killing people with whom we don’t agree.  It is more likely that things will be better when we respect the value and freedoms of the individual and when no one can control others into doing what only a few require. If someone chooses to die to save others that is to be admired but no-one should be obliged to do so ‘for the good of all’.  The idea that the state can send you to jail and has a monopoly on committing violence against its citizens is in many ways revolting to me. 

Yes, there is a place for government; yes having a clean world is important but no dictatorship will ever motivate or scare us to build such a world. It will have to come from the heart and it must be done with respect for other’s opinion and by discouraging the use of violence to get our way.  Yes, there should be a limit to our tolerance; we can’t roll over and say, “Rob us and kill us. Because if I defend myself I will be send to jail”. But a legal system that is so contorted that only the rich can hire a decent lawyer to stand up for themselves is unacceptable. There must be a balance and we have to be willing to accept such a balance even if it is not always in our individual favor. What I am against and will protest against everyday is the dictatorship of ‘Political Correctness; Climate Change and other ideologies and about manipulation of people by their so-called elected governments and elites. 

When the day of reckoning comes for the CO2 fraud, I really hope you won’t give up on a sustainable world where people are free to think and act, in a world where governments serve not demand.

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