Friday, June 15, 2018

Chrystia Freeland’s speech disgusts me

Chrystia Freeland made a speech upon receiving the Foreign Policy’s Diplomat of the Year Award in New York. She was so proud of it that she edited and printed it in the Globe and Mail. Yet the speech showed nothing but typical Liberal arrogance and elitism; everything that makes me hate the Liberal Party of Canada. She stated that all good in this world was the work of the LIBERAL democracies of the free world. She claimed the success because of LIBERAL democracies and their nearly natural right to govern the world. That only liberals were standing up to fight skinheads and fascism.

In the simplistic view of Chrystia, everyone who is not a supporter of the Liberal Party of Canada is a bigot. Well if you think that elitist Chrystia, I am proud to be a bigot and an evil climate change skeptic and I hope that you and your Justin loving buddies are just a one term phenomenon. You are the elitists that divided the political spectrum in a left and a right with at the right the National Socialists and on the left the Communists. Funny that both are based on the totalitarian doctrines of Marx. Both thrive and dream of maximum government interference and telling others how to live. To top it of, you call yourself democratic, but we have seen with how little respect you treat people who don’t share your extremist attitudes.  I may not like the Donald, but I also despise the likes of you.

You claim all those benefits of the Western democracies stem from liberalism. I guess the entire libertarian movement or the Republicans or the Conservatives have nothing contributed.  That is your arrogance!  You prefer a government with everything regulated. A law for everything. One abuse and we MUST make rules to protect every citizen- adult and child from that evil. More power to the bureaucrats and everyone else is there to serve you.

Your view of the political spectrum is entirely wrong because what you call left and right is exactly the same. Let’s assume that most people in this world want what is good for the planet; what is good for general prosperity. There are not many people that can be perfectly happy while their neighbors starve at the gates of their estates. Where lies the difference is in the degree of bureaucratic interference. I want the government out of our lives as much as possible – there is a need for some rules and regulations. But government should stay out of my life as much as possible and it should be seen with great distrust. Power corrupts, Chrystia Freeland and in many ways your self entitlement is the shining example. This distrust of government and the freedom of individuals that is what made the U.S. so great. That is what made Canada so great! Rule of Law but up to a limit. 
We don’t want our neighbors to starve but we do want to be rewarded for our good works. We want personal accountability!  We want an incentive for people to do what is beneficial to society as expressed in wages and other perks. No, I don’t like the extremism in wealth distribution that we see in today’s U.S. and to a lesser degree in Canada. I personally think that it is not right to create financial power houses run by single families. It destroys the urge for newer generations to build their own lives. But this is not something that necessarily has to be legislated. I may not need my wealth transferred to my children but what about a farmer with a business that requires multigenerational commitment?   What about the child who would love to take-over the business of the parents?   I don’t see how one person should earn 200 times as much or more than the average employee in the same company. A lot of this depends not on laws but on the integrity and accountability of individuals. 
We should instill in our offspring the obligations we have to society, especially towards the less fortunate immediately around us. But we also should be proud of the rewards that our hard work brings. This has been an essential part of our evolution and of our society’s progress. Nobody ought to starve in our ever more powerful economies but those who only pursue their personal instant gratification should not be rewarded to the same degree as those who achieve goals beneficial to all around us and who save for later years. It is a pity how true art is often rewarded after its creator dies. Art is beneficial to our society; it is an example of something beneficial to us all.  So is the invention of the personal computer; the cell phone or other discoveries in science. Or the person who dedicates him or herself to the welfare of those around them by providing care – both physical and mental. But instead of only relying on legislation, as the liberals want, lets also rely, possibly even more so, on personal accountability and integrity. Having the good things in live is not a right it is a privilege.

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