Friday, July 20, 2018

Believe me, BELIEVE ME!

Recently, the Globe and Mail showed a contribution with the Chinese view on the current trade wars and streams of self-serving ‘data’. Whom can you believe and what are the real facts? I don’t believe China’s sudden respect for intellectual property, but there may have been progress.  We have seen Trump’s use of trade numbers, especially his Canadian numbers which seem to be ‘slightly’ out of whack (note I don’t refer to Mr. Trump in most of my posts anymore). Next, since his Helsinki trip we are supposedly to parse his statements with great care because his ‘Freudian slips’ of "would" instead of "wouldn’t" or was it "wouldn’t" instead of "would", turning his statement's intent entirely upside down.  That is a bit strong even for me, a subtle Trump whose words have to carefully analyzed for hidden meanings like he is the Chairman of the Fed! 

When memories of ‘unpleasantness’ are foggy for our feebleminded Prime Minister while inserting with ‘enthusiastic’ social justice demands in the NAFTA trade negotiations then I would rank in order of truthlessness (apparently an unknown word in this app's dictionary) our leaders as 1 (least truthful) Putin, 4 Trump, and then 5 Justin.  Since Andrew Scheer doesn’t say much to start out with other than ousting the most truthful Maxime Bernier from his shadow cabinet, Andrew is 6 and Maxime 7. I am sure there are more liars around such as Green Peace and that Suziki guy (who even out rank Trump) and hence the missing ranks.  Problem is, with all this misinformation (to use a nice euphemism) what is the truth?

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