Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Do you think they remember the Donald a 100 years from now? Politiicians are not as important as they think they are.

Over the last five years there seems to be a strengthening of the Canadian Dollar compared to the Euro.  During last week's visit I did see wines selling in the Netherlands for 3 or 4 Euro’s per bottle, but then I recognized an intermediate quality Italian Chianti on the shelves that you buy in Alberta for $18 or so. The price was around 8 Euros or 12 to 13 Cdn Dollars based on the above currency exchange chart.  Also, I bought a nice Maasdammer cheese – 300 grams for around 6 Euros or $9 Canadian dollars or $3.00 per hundred grams.  Considering that Dutch cheeses are kind of 'exotic' imports, when I compare prices it is around 15 to 25% more expensive here.  Not cheap in Canada but really, considering the stuff had to be transported across the ocean, import duties are these days apparently not that excessive. My impression for years was that in Canada we’re getting gouged when buying these European imports and even when we’re buying our own cheeses such as Cheddar. 
My point is that we always compare our loony with the U.S. dollar, but we should not get so depressed when we see our looney ‘fall’ because when compared against other world currencies we’re not that bad off. In fact, the above chart shows that our loony’s purchasing power has improved over the years and, if I did my ‘technical' analysis right, we’re in an ‘ascending triangle with an narrowing trading point that may in 2019-2020 average at just under an exchange Rate of 1.60 with spikes as high as 1.65 before the risk of a ‘break out’ up or down is at its maximum.
I had a great time in the Netherlands, talking to many relatives and they tell me about labor shortage and an ever-improving economy. When you read our news papers you’d think Europe is again about to disintegrate but this is far from the truth (whatever that is). Yes, nobody there likes Trump but then neither do many on this side of the Atlantic. Trump makes great headlines and tweets but that is not the reality. Most politicians are made of hot air, although some of those puffs may hit us off guard on a temporary basis.  Europe is a fantastic region for us Canadians to visit although you need nerves of steel on those fast-moving narrow roads where car lanes are often significantly narrower than ours. You’re driving 80 to 100km per hour with your wheels within 50cm of the right lane line AND the centre line – mama mia! Not to speak of Italian or Spanish roads! Enjoy driving those with jet lag!
Here are some of my photos from Ootmarsum 20km north of my city of birth: Enschede.  Now if you really want to piss off those snotnoses in Amsterdam then tell them that this little Village  Ootmarsum (with current population around 4000) was declared a city in 1325 A.D. – several centuries before those Geeks in Amsterdam!  The church in Ootmarsum was made of wood and traced back to as early as 770 but over time it was replaced with the one on the photo.  construction of which started around the 1200s. The tower was rebuild for the so maniest time in the 1800s.  Now, when was Calgary becoming an actual city? In 1893 or so ? That is nearly 1000 years later than Ootmarsum.  The infamous Stampede shows up in the 1910s. It was an agricultural event traced back to around 1890 but the rodeos and so didn’t start until 1912. Now talking about rookies!

Figure 1. This Church started as a wooden building traced back as early as 800. The stone building started between 1200 and 1300.The tower is relatively new.

Figure 2 This 'Street’ House is from 1656

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