Friday, July 13, 2018

Dump the Trump Distraction

Finally, I figured it out.  After first accusing Justin Trudeau of being a weak but smooth back-stabbing leader, he did the same to Britain’s Elizabeth May.  According to Trump she mishandled the Brexit negotiation and Britain’s move to “realize full self-government”.  Sounds to me that Trump is the back-stabber and that he doesn't mind interfering in the politics of other sovereign countries. 

Trump apparently prefers destruction over disruption.  In the meantime, he get’s fabulously well along with Kim-Jong-Un and Putin. Maybe he represents the world view of the Interior American conservative stereotype (It use to be Alabama) but I am sure that many other Americans are shuddering at the man’s leadership.

For Trump a ‘strong leader’ is basically a dictator. He seems to even have little respect for his own Senate and House of Representatives. Just like Hitler did initially some good things, Trump charmed many with his ditching of the Paris Accord, tax reform and opposition to a bloated Obama Care system. But when he blunders around the world like an egotistical maniac he increasingly does more damage than good to this world. His latest performance at the NATO summit shows his blatant disregards for facts.  It is the choice of the U.S. as to how much they spend or better overspend on Defense. Even with the current military budgets, NATO outspends most other countries many times over. And the U.S. is doing double that. Well, that is the choice of the U.S. who seems to be run by defense contractors rather than by its people. 

So, Trump is becoming everyday more of a blustering strong man who doesn’t mind stretching the truth. Yesterday, he proclaims himself to be a genius who was so-called ‘successful’ in bullying his NATO ‘friends’ to increase their military spending. Meanwhile, the ‘friends’ vigorously deny said commitments. Pure Trumpian self-delusion. 

The pattern is repeated over and over again and as such, I now consider Mr. Trump not a disrupter of ingrained stodgy patterns but more as a threat to world peace and world cooperation. I understand his trade war with China up to a point. And Today is probably the best time to build an improved trade relation with China before it explodes into an economic superpower that has a very one-sided relationship with the rest of the world.  Even the short-term pain of a trade war may be worth this. China demands access to our markets while closing of its own. Google is basically banned in China while Alibaba is clearly favored. At the same time, Alibaba and other major Chinese corporation expect free and fair access to our markets.

Yet, Google is not always playing nice either.  It just got fined in Europe because it abused its monopolistic position.  Maybe China is right to ban Google and Europe should have its own search engine to create some real competition (Canada’s market is too small).  Many U.S. companies behave like bullies and are arrogant, not that different from Trump. As such, maybe Trump is a reflection of what really is going on in the U.S.  The decline of the 'Empire'.

I made up my mind after seeing Trump in action for over a year as president. He isn’t any good in my books and I hope for the United States that they kick him out at the next election and hopefully clip his wings in November. The man is a tiresome no-good bully and should be shown the door. I hope though that he won’t be replaced by a bully from the left at the next election. Do you see a real leader emerge in the U.S. these days?

In Canada matters are not much better. Choosing between a weak Liberal and a weak Conservative leader who is supported by Quebec dairy farmers is not much of a choice either. I just hope that those guys have less influence on the country than we think they have and that Canada will pick up its socks and get back to work. I hope the same for our neighbors to the South.

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