Monday, July 2, 2018

Justin has to go!

It is not just because I hate most that he stands for. It is the damage he has done to both women and men.  Many careers were destroyed without due process. And the one who stood on the barricades of the lynch mobs shouting the loudest is now exposed to being just as driven by male testosterone as many others. In this day and age, it is no longer acceptable to grope women and even worse to sexually harass or assault women. Nor men for that matter. That the Globe and Mail suppressed this story for weeks shows the conundrum this issue presents to the nation and illustrates this society’s double standards. 

Had he approached these issues with an improved legal system, Justin the Lyncher would not now face the prospect of being lynched himself. This issue is not about the indiscretion committed 18 years ago. Even the victim doesn't want to rake up the past.  A lot worse has been done by people in our history. It is about the hypocrisy that the #Metoo movement and our own Prime Minister represent.  It is about the inappropriate lynching of suspects on social media and anyone who dared to protest these social media hangings. Other special-interest groups employing similar tactics are not far behind in this. Purposely distorting the facts, civil disobedience, violent demonstrations or other illegal activities are not acceptable.

This event brings to the forefront the destroyed reputations of many without due process. Our universities standing along with Justin on those same barricades are now more and more held accountable by so many victims who later proved to have been innocent or at worst showed bad judgement. Justin stood in front of the lynching crowd when his own fellow Liberals were accused. He stood by when many, such as Conservative Leader Patrick Brown were hauled before the lynching crowds by his own party. 

Let Justin be the last to go in this public hysteria of self-righteousness.  Let’s have an election right now rather than a year from now. And let the election promises include the dis-allowing of this lynching mentality. Every accused should have the legal right to defend him or herself. We need actual prove shown within the legal system. And the accused should have the legal means to recover the damage caused by these media lynching events. An university is not a public court of justice. We have seen now several cases where the courts sided with the 'lynching' victims and against those sanctimonious universities. 

If there is even a small amount of sincerity in his hypocritical body, Justin should do the honorable thing: fall on his own knife.  Although, by now, he has skillfully stalled for many weeks if not 18 years. 'Let him who is free of sins throw the first stone', is the saying. Justin is now confronted by the fact that even St. Trudeau is not without sins. 

Police and justice should take complaints of sexual misconduct more seriously, rather than hiding behind the skirts of the lynching mob. Media are not suitable venues for exacting justice. Let this be a lesson for the self-entitled and the self-righteous! You have traumatized our adolescent generations, imposing on them behavior like Victorian prudes. Scaring men and women out of pursuing romantic relations for fear of consequence. Is that the outcome of the baby boomers’ sexual revolution? I do not know what the perfect solution is towards sexual misconduct . 

These are cases ranging from human misdemeanors to outright crime. As such we should give the police some discretionary power and training in this matter.  Maybe the police could be the first point of report and they could decide on the degree of seriousness of the case and about the appropriate venue of settlement. Most of this belongs to be settled between the victim and perpetrator. If that doesn’t work a settlement between the involved parties under social supervision – something like sexual arbitration with discretion?  Arbiters could be social workers and/or psychologists which have expertise in the matter.  I would think that a court of law would be best for the worst offences and for people who want to clear their name.  

Justin Trudeau’s case is an opportunity to show that this stuff does not belong in the media – regardless of media type.  As the main cheerleader for these public lynching parties, he should fall on his own knife because he is no longer a leader. His father was not a good role model in all of this. In so many ways, they are so alike and in this day and age, Trudeau-like behavior is no longer tolerated.

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