Friday, July 6, 2018

'Racist Appropriation' protesters are the most racist people of all

There is this ‘new’ idea that only black artists may sing songs of black culture, that only Inuit may make anything resembling traditional Inuit art. It has an official name in these times of leftist extremism where everything is inappropriate and should result in public social media lynching or any other form of violence.  This most offensive of offensive forms of discrimination is called: Racist Appropriation.  It really makes the hairs stand up on my back and it is often the white artist who is accused of this. That many black, yellow, red and god-knows-what-other artists use elements from the ‘white man’s’ culture is OK but the other way around? “Shame on you, white man. You racist!”. As Margaret Wente sarcastically stated:” Maybe we should get people to submit their DNA for testing before we cast them [in theatre, on tv or in movies”]. Maybe we should ban white performers from singing rap, hip-hop and the blues.”. 

Bringing up cultural appropriateness does not reflect on the artists but on the racists  who use it as a tool to shut down art. I suggest that Canadians do DNA tests before inappropriately eating at restaurants or for that matter in their homes. Bad news is for kids of mixed marriages because they cannot eat anywhere! here we come! 

Chinese persons should no longer eat at McDonalds!  Shut down all Starbucks in North America and Europe for they are serving colonial drinks. No Vietnamese restaurants in Toronto anymore. Who do those Bay Street financiers think they are? That food is only to be ingested by pure blooded Vietnamese!  No more Sushi restaurants run or owned by Chinese. What about Greek food eaten by the Dutch?  Can’t have that!
This is how far the leftist crowd wants to go in telling the rest of the world how we should live!  It is them who are the extremists. There is no difference between them and the ‘fascists’ they so abhor. And, strangely enough, these attitudes are currently most common in Liberal and NDP circles. They know so well what is good for us. If you are not part of them, then you are as a minimum a bigot! 

When are you saying: “Enough is enough. No more ‘progressiveness’”? It only leads to a divided nation with everyone apologizing to everyone else for things their parents or grand-grand parents might have done. Those evil white man, but if memory serves me right, the Egyptians had slaves as well and long before the Roman Empire. Are Ottoman really white? Please, stop this nonsense and don’t ban Black Peter from the Sinterklaas tradition. Now having Elves is much more appropriate! But are elves not a threat to feminism or... Santa Claus has a beard and is a white man! The trauma he can cause with children brought up in a gender-neutral fashion! Death to them all! Death to the Dutch, they invented Santa Claus – those racists and Death to the Germans and British and French and anyone else in this world who through racist appropriation stole this tradition from the Dutch! 
Now that we start talking about racist and cultural theft: Down with the donut shop another tradition stolen from the Dutch. The apple fritters were derived from the Dutch Appel Flap – but then what was first?  The appel flap or the French apple beignet? Or should I say Beignet aux pommes?  Let’s shut down the spaghetti that the Italians stole from the Chinese by that bigot Marco Polo!  Was it really good old Marco?
Racist Appropriation is the latest in our extreme apologist culture. Lets just admit that there was a lot of good, not so good and terrible things in the history of us all. Trying to compensate for all the evil is not going to work. We can not keep on destroying and editing our past. We better stop with our contemporaneous ‘Beelden Storm’ or ‘Bildersturm’ or roughly translated “Statue Storm’; a 16th century event where the Protestants destroyed numerous statues in Catholic churches because they didn’t want to worship religious images.  Numerous North Europeans to this day regret all the precious art that was lost. Now, we seem to repeat this historic mistake.  Editing history is about forgetting the past and today’s apologist culture is doing exactly that.

We should not forget and we cannot even start trying to undo all those mistakes. The Chinese and the First Nations and the Blacks, and the Jews, and the Kurds and the… We all and our forefathers are victims and guilty. So instead of these never-ending cycles of recriminations lets have once a year a national or better a global Day of Reconciliation. Then let’s move on and try to improve the world we live in. Not by creating yet another law but by starting with improving our selves. Every human being wants a good live and has the same rights of dignity and justice.  We have achieved so much over the last century improving this world. Let’s not throw it away in trade wars, protectionism and recriminations. Let’s sincerely try to make live better for all.

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