Tuesday, July 17, 2018

What is fake and what is real? How much are we lied to?

What is truth and how much have we in the West been manipulated by secret services whose raison d’etre is to maintain the status quo?  Between 2002 and 2003, British PM Tony Blair and George W. Bush (No. 43) were provided by U.S. and U.K. intelligence services faulty, If not fraudulent, information about the existence of large volumes of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. It was a great excuse to get rid of the troublesome Saddam Hussein who not only threatened regional stability but also was a past puppet of those same intelligence services. The politicians took the story hook, line and sinker; they invaded Iraq, killed many people and created one of the longest lasting wars in modern history. The fall-out is still experienced today.
What about the CIA, FBI and other security services claim that Russia interfered in U.S. elections?  What about those same agencies, under direction of the Obama administration interfering with the election campaign of Donald Trump and what about the rumours that Hillary Clinton was about to declare war on Russia?  What about the promise of previous U.S. administrations not to encroach on Russia when it was collapsing; followed by the inclusion of several Baltic states into NATO as well as increasing the size of the EU at Russia’s expense with the Ukraine being the latest candidate?  Wouldn’t that be enough provocation of Putin, no saint him-self, to annex Crimea and Eastern Ukraine?

With all these contradictory facts and stories, who is lying?  An economy a 10th of the size of the EU, is Russia truly a military threat to Europe and to the other economy also 10x as large called the U.S.? And did the U.S. never interfere in governments of sovereign nations?  Now that Putin allegedly hacked into U.S. institutions, this is suddenly such a loathsome and malicious act that when Trump questions its gravity he is been called a traitor! Is that not an act of self-interested agencies and some entrenched political parties with heavy interests in the U.S. Defense industry to perpetuate a fraudulent situation for no other reasons than power and money?

No one is kosher here and I am not exactly a fan of Trump, but isn’t this latest outcry of mass indignation about the Putin and Trump chums a bit over the top?  Doesn’t it make you wonder why and how much we have been manipulated by Western propaganda both by politicians and in the media? What is fake and what is real?

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