Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Trump and Democracy

They said Obama and the politics of audacity, but it is Trump who is truly audacious. Whom else than an academic could have come up with the word 'audacious'? That is what today’s backlash on democracy is all about. Most people want a simple life without complex immigration issues, with a steady job not some form of contract work with a two-week termination clause.  Yes, the ‘home-office’ sounds entrepreneurial and something for a free-spirit – having two minimum wage jobs may sound like building a future of wealth but it all are signs of uncertainty and lack of visibility in today’s life. We have many guys (and gals) that think ‘straight forward’; want a family with kids; a job and BBQ parties with friends on the weekend.  They don’t think about politics in contorted intellectual and subtle fashion. They don’t think like the intellectual cliques that create laws and rules for every eventuality and who create extensive bureaucracies that protect their careers and defined benefit pensions.

This is what the revolution of demagogues is about. The common man (and woman) is sick and tired of the slick intellectuals that tell them how to live. They want the bureaucrats and the powerful who forever change the rules to their advantage to get out of their lives.  They love Facebook to chat with friends the world all over, share photos and live carefree. They don’t want to worry about the intrusion of large corporations in their private lives – look Apple has the same market capital as the GDP of the Netherlands – now is that not excessive economic power? That is why the Cambridge Analytica issue is so disturbing – big politics and big business going through the photo albums of the simple citizens of the world to exploit for power and money. 

When the ‘common man’ elected Trump over the intellectual cliques; when they elected Italy’s new government; when they voted for Brexit and any other form of political disruption, they kicked against the legs of the establishment; of the sycophants we call sometimes ‘the Deep State’. Trump is a bully who disrupts; who loves kicking Justin into the ground because he doesn’t like the condescending ways of Mr. Sunny who represents the aloofness of Liberal globalist intellectual politics. That is why the Donald loves the current diplomatic spat between Saudi Arabia and Canada. That is why he loves splitting Canada and Mexico in the NAFTA negotiations.

Trump is not about the loss of democracy, it is about getting rid of the condescending attitudes of the ruling intellectual cliques that constantly tighten their regulatory chains on our daily lives. The unintended consequences of this may be quite dramatic and undesirable. The collapse of the nuclear deal with Iran for example is offsetting any good that may have been gained with the improved terms in North Korea. Now that the disastrous liberal emigration politics are testing the limits of practicality and tolerance in many a nation on this planet, are we turning to the other xenophobic extreme? 

I don’t think that neither Trump nor Trudeau spell the end of democracy, but it is the cry of the people who shout: Stop the ideology and govern with pragmatism and civility. If the current leadership is not capable of doing so, we will find a new leadership that can!  When we observe the extreme behaviors of Trump, Putin and Saudi’s MBS, we are seeing the kneejerk reactions of hardnosed leaders who are riding with discomfort the horse of democracy and don’t know how to deal with it. When we see the Pipeline wars and Justin Trudeau we see weak leadership impotent in solving the important issues of our society and crumbling under the weight of special interest. These are signs of the time. We need change – we need to acknowledge as a people that we need a pragmatic and fair government not one lead by dogmatic ideological extremism. The current liberal intellectual leadership and the brass Trumpism are two sides of the same coin – we learn everyday that government led by ideology fails and that if we don’t make our wishes known through voting and honest discussion rather than through ideological blablah, the tyranny of social media,  and the sensationalist press then we should truly start to fear for our democracy and freedoms.

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