Saturday, September 15, 2018


Suits and Boots is a website of people opposing this devastating bill: C-69 that was rammed through parliament by the Liberals just before summer recess. It will make it even more difficult to get pipelines and other major infrastructure projects approved in Canada. If you want to express your opposition go to the above website or email your political representatives. 

This is a letter that I recently wrote to several Senators - the last hurdle to prevent this monstrous law to go into effect. Feel free to use it as template for your e-mails.


Dear Senator,

In learning about bill C-69, I, a Canadian Investor, am horrified as to the potential impact of this bill on our economy. When project reviews are even more delayed than already in Canada’s current unfriendly business climate; when project standards are becoming even more politized and poorly defined, then our country will evolve into yet another economic backwater not much better than an Argentina or worse a Venezuela of the North.

Already, an enormous amount of foreign investment money has fled this country. With this bill, I and probably many other Canadian investors, will have no choice but put more and more of our funds to work in other jurisdictions of this world.

Please, vote against this bill and make sure it never will be revisited again. Over the last 5 years, I have seen Canada’s investment climate deteriorate beyond recognition. Please, stop the madness.

Your Name
Your Title

And an active Canadian Investor.

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