Saturday, September 22, 2018

Today its Millennial Day!

Baby Boomers are those born between 1946 and 1964. Millennials were born between 1982 and 2004
In the U.S. alone there were 77 million Baby Boomers and there are 76 million Millennials. Subtracting those Baby Boomers that have died, today there are probably more millennials aged 14 to 36 years old in the U.S. than there are Baby Boomers. This is the age group that most likely leans to the philosophical left while the Baby Boomers lean towards the right (based on hard earned life experience). No wonder Climate Change and Political Correctness are in the media’s headlights.
The older one gets, the more conservative but also the less interested in politics. My 93-year old father has no interest in politics and even his long-time passion for sports has shown a serious decline. He is more interested in taking care of himself and in adding more days to his rapidly approaching end. He still enjoys life and clings on, but he can now barely see the TV screen let be follow Netflix.

The Baby Boomers in North America were predominantly white while Millennials are much more multi-racial. So, just like the kid blames all his problems on his parents, the Millennials tend to blame this world’s evils on the white Caucasian Baby Boomer. Haul over those statues from the past! Overturn the idols and gods of the baby boomer. If you feel that today’s news and politics resemble those of adolescents, you may not be that far of target (14 – 36 year olds!). The drive of universities is to move to extreme positions of political correctness and Dalhousie is apparently even considering changing its name and to shun the founding Ninth Earl of Dalhousie (a racist by the way). Yeah! MeToo!! Is that the Millennial crowd lynching their parents who don’t to ever seem to die?

Is the boom in Cannabis stocks nothing more than the revenge of the Millennial Nerd?  Ironically, it was the young Baby Boomer that made ‘weed’ socially much more acceptable. Remember how hard we, Baby Boomers, fought against the tobacco of our parents? In what is cannabis that much different? No wonder that stocks such as Amazon and Apple are doing so well, and nobody cares about Phillips and its transistor radios. Or that 1940s type writer company called IBM…. Business Machines?   Millennials want iPhones!

I don’t always pay much attention to demographics. I was one of the early Baby Boomers and we shaped the world. So maybe we should now look no longer at ourselves. Our economic and political powers are on the decline; now the Millennials are governing the world and probably after them the crowds in China, India and Afrika will take over but that is tomorrow – today its Millennial Day!

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