Monday, November 5, 2018

Your attitudes and views of life are important for investors

You may have noticed that how you envision your future and how you see your role in this existence are important elements of you investor personality. Also your attitude to society is important.  So when I present a glimpse in my personal thinking it is not to convert you to anything - it is just to illustrate how I think.

I am not overly religious but I strongly believe in self-accountability and hate self-righteousness. That I see myself as a speck of dust in the universe with the privilege of having self-awareness encapsulates both humility and a sense of being very special.  (Not that I am excessively humble :))

A speck is not very noteworthy. However, a speck with self-awareness is quite special. After all, what is the chance that you as a speck amongst trillions of trillions of other dust specks in this universe happen to be self-aware?

Therefore we should treat ourselves and those around us with care and respect. We should appreciate how special and valuable the opportunity is of being human. But also that it is up to ourselves and nobody else to make the best of our life,  Yet we have many around us, willing to help us. That is not a right but a generous gift.

In that light, I wrote the previous blog post.

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