Sunday, December 9, 2018

Is Alberta Separatism real?

I live now close to 47 years in Alberta and went through Trudeau 1 and 2. I always considered myself Canadian but it seems like when the Liberals are in power, in particular the Trudeaus, that I feel less Canadian and definitely a Westener. Maybe, like so many Albertans and I should include all Westerners except those in the Lower Mainland along the Fraser Valley. We Westerners feel abused by those Liberal Governments.  Looking back, maybe Chretien and Martin were not that bad (except for a bit of corruption) – but the contrast between the Trudeaus and the West is always like fire and oil. 

I am obviously not a fan of Trudeau and his sleazy crowd. But when I read the comments sections in our national news papers then I nearly sound mild.  It seems that Albertans are mostly National Post readers and if you believe their comments, Western Canada will go independent in a heart beat!  I wonder how Trudeau would feel about the national unity he has created?

The Globe is different. It is more dominated by those in Eastern Canada. The comments there though also become more critical of the Trudeau Liberals. No wonder after Morneau’s attack on middle class small business owners, the illegal immigration and many other issues including the wasteful liberal provincial governments that have finally have been shown the door.

Still, there are a significant number of comments in the Globe (probably mostly from Westerners) that also call for a separate western nation. A nation that would include Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, NWT and a large portion of B.C. The Lower Mainland would become so isolated that it would not be viable on its own and it likely becomes part of the new nation as well.

So then we have Canada, not population wise, but certainly in terms of landmass being split in a Greater Canada of the North-West and a severely diminished Eastern Canada split in an English and French portion. Wonder how that will work out?  So thank you Justin for being at the root of our dis-unified country.  You energy policies stink, your lack of competitiveness has triggered the exodus of many businesses, and national unity is kaput!  Wow such a successful prime minister! 

JT you are everything your fellow Liberals accused Stephen Harper of. In the meantime, under Stephen Harper this country was never more unified. This country under Stephen Harper was never more economically stable. He may have been to the right, but he governed from the Center. You, claiming to represent the Center, you governed from the elitist left!

Many here in the West predict that if the next government of Canada is another Liberal Government then we have a Western Separation Referendum within six months. I don’t know whether that is realistic, I just describe the mood in the West. 

I am a proud Canadian. I brought my children up here and love from ‘mare a mare’. Together we’re stronger but not if this abuse from the Liberals continues, including Bill 69. Canada has a long tradition of mild-mannered compromise and a passion for hockey. We are proud of our national projects like the Trans-Canada Highway, our railway system, the peace keeping tradition and our independence from the U.S. Many of us consider our southern neighbours ‘barbarians’.  Friends but loudmouths who wear their hearts often on their sleeves. Not like us, more reserved and polite Canadians. The latter only if the hockey rink is closed! 😊

I know, even former Prime-Minister Harper once thought about a firewall. I don’t think separatism is the answer. But Trudeau has shown why our east-west relations ought to be reconsidered. I for one had enough of this Liberal animosity towards the West. To the rest of Canada: You threw out Wynne and we will get rid of Notley – although I must admit that the latter is lately standing up for the West. She better recognizes the realities of her home-province than Justin and his pal Horgan who represents B.C. lower mainland’s fashionables - the Lululemon Crowd. Still it is too little too late. Alberta owes Notley as she showed us the lack of conservative vision and an attitude of excessive arrogance of the now defunct PC.

If Canada is to remain whole, we MUST get rid of Trudeau and his Liberals. Ontarians you have shown that you can stand up against this elitist left. Please, now do it also for Canada or whatever is left of it after Trudeau. Because the West is not far from going it alone!  I for one would hate to see that happen.

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