Thursday, December 20, 2018

Not buying organic and non_GMO products ensures better investments that benefit us all

I just had one of those organic grapefruits for breakfast and it tasted awful.  What is it about this organic and non-GMO craze?  Walking around in the organic grocery store loaded with fancy vitamins and super-special foods for the health conscious, I realized that I saw mostly professionals and well-dressed retirees. All of whom display an extreme anxiety to stay healthy and live longer. Most of the customers are hippies and/or well-heeled. I am not sure where that expressing comes from. I looked it up and there are two theories:

1.     "Down at heels (1732) refers to heels of boots or shoes worn down and the owner too poor to replace them."

2.       Something to do with Coq fights. Not to be confused with Cock which can have an entirely different definition. I guess there are coq fights and cock fights – enough details! 😊I do not want to waste more time on this, as we are discussing investing not etymology
Thinking about this very imported topic, I realize that many of the well-heeled tend to be ‘liberal’ and a bit elitist. Maybe I should include myself with this crowd as well, although I am liberal but I am definitely not liberal. Meaning, that I don’t care about other people's consensual sex-lives and orientation. I support euthanasia. Legalizing drugs – although I think the current cannabis hype is ridiculous.  I think it is a woman’s choice with secondary input from a biological father to chose for abortion or not. The father provided input in more ways than one 😊 and so he is accountable to the woman and, if she (they) choses so, he is accountable to the child as well; he owes her and a possible child his support. Not necessarily a forced marriage, that is another topic and again that must be decided between the two.  I am all for protecting the environment and sustainability, but I am extremely skeptical about man-made climate change. I know man affects the environment around him/herself just look at the big cities. I don’t think that such influence is only negative, and conclusions of climate change related disasters are often nothing but political fearmongering. I do strongly believe that a successful life depends on self-accountability and an absence of self-entitlement (all so obviously missing in a certain Trudeau). I admire oil and gas as well as other energy industries that form the basis of so much of our prosperity. I also think that every form of energy as well as other human activities are coming with a price – often in terms of environment and sustainability. We should aim to reduce that price.

To get back to organic food, I start to wonder whether this is more a matter of snobbishness or elitism rather than real practicality. We work on solving the food problems of this world and genetic as well as other science- and innovation-based initiatives have proven enormously beneficial. There is no real proof that organically grown foods are healthier. On the other hand, is GMO-food just as healthy or unhealthy as their predecessors?  Who knows, we have not a long history with them. I guess, buying organic is in fact an elitist expression that the buyer is greener and more progressive than those who can’t afford it or don’t care. Especially when the quality or taste of the organic stuff is inferior. As such, are organic non-GMO purchases more a sign of feeling superior to the suckers of the grey masses who depend on these modern methods? Modern methods that brought food in so many households that previously were starving? After all, world hunger is on the decline!

Look, we are so proud of medical science that has helped increase longevity on this planet.  Yet, many if not most people die in the hospital. The medical help we receive in our last years of life (over 90% of healthcare expenses) do barely increase the number of years spend on this earth. And the question remains whether those extended years are also years of quality life or plain misery. Personally, I think that the availability of good food throughout the world and the general application of basic hygiene and other good health related habits (such as not smoking) have contributed much more to longevity than the science that resulted in the sensational recovery of a 95-year old.

Do those organic die-hards really think they are God’s gift to earth? They should reconsider and stop subsidizing a delusional industry at the expense of the common good. If these well-heeled could reduce their grocery bills by 20 to 50% by buying regular good quality foods then they will likely save more. Those savings do not only increase their net worth but are hopefully also allocated to economic successful investments that benefit us all. For me, being rich means having the means to do or support things that are truly worthwhile. Governments stand often in my way through elaborate taxation schemes and interference in my life; governments are formed by a bunch of self-enriching bickering career blow-hards that feel they can tell how the rest of us should live.

P.S. I have so much fun writing these posts and seem not able to stop myself nor do I want to stop.

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