Saturday, December 15, 2018

‘Worrywarts’ is more relevant than ever

My best and most read post on this blog is Worrywarts. It has been read 4600 times including 1200 views by myself 😊
Compare that to my nearly alarmist posts of the recent weeks which have each been viewed by less than 20 blog visitors. Now that is partly because they were posted just a few days ago and 'Worrywarts' was posted in 2012 when this author had still relevant things to say.
Today 'Worrywarts' is extremely relevant. There is so much noise in the world and we seem to be the victim of price collusion more than ever. Trump’s recent oil price manipulations and that of a possible rogue trader pushing Alberta’s oil discounts to record levels (that is gone now) come to mind.  Combined with the heaviest year-end tax-loss selling in the history of Canada’s oil and gas sector, this has created an enormous buying opportunity.  'Once-in-a-lifetime" opportunity as they say.  I am always a sucker for clichés! 

Buy shares of some solid oil (and gas) producing companies and put them in a box.  That is until everyone shouts that you can’t lose investing in oil & gas. That will likely be the peak and time to get out.

I wish you all a worry-free 2019. Ah… whom am I kidding?

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