Saturday, January 12, 2019

Notes from the author/editor

From birth I am Dutch and proud of it. Proud of my heritage but  I wouldn’t be in Canada if I wasn’t willing to be part of this society.  Things learned early in life are often difficult to shed. Although I am now a resident of Canada for many decades, my grammar is still not free of old Dutch grammatical habits.
Then you may notice the typical spelling and grammatical mistakes or poor formulation of ideas that is inherent to most of us. Please, excuse me and try to read ‘around’ these issues. This blog is for free and as such, there are no means to have a ‘3rd eye’ or editor to pick up and correct my lingual missteps.
From time to time, I remind the readership of this blog of my shortcomings (depending on how humble I feel). I also describe in these occasional reminders how to deal with my missteps.  Prior to first time publication, I review the post several times. Once posted, I re-visit initially frequently and later rarely the post and edit some more.
Thus, if you have trouble understanding my point, revisit the post a couple of hours or days after publication when the text has been edited to, hopefully, become clearer.  In the end though, unless you comment and provide suggestions as to how to clarify a topic, you will have to live with those quirks of my financial dairy or better my notebook of financial ideas.
My posts are published at irregular frequency and times. Often I dream up my posts based on what I read, the current  market events or recent changes I made to my own portfolio or investment strategies. There is no attempt to show a consistent none-evolving investment concept. You literally can follow how my thinking evolves (or possibly devolves to an unimaginable level of bestial instinct) over time.
I hope my writing skills improve over time. I do believe in: practice makes perfect. Malcolm Gladwell claims that a bit of talent and 10,000 hours of practice is what it takes to become a genius in one's field. For me, that probably takes much, much longer but there is hopefully progression.
I often write my posts on weekends or during vacation. I love to do so from shady patios after a copious breakfast. Hence, this blog may have an eruption of blog posts or alternatively only a few posts per month. Sometimes the investment world is eventful and other times I have already said too much on the topic and no new post is warranted. 
I hope this way my posts are not stale ideas repeated at nauseum although my ideas may make you nauseous. In the latter case I suggest you read another blog, because I am old and unlikely to change.
Thanks for your readership and patience.

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