Saturday, February 9, 2019

Investing is a lot about your attitudes in life

Ray Dalio, the Billionaire founder of Bridgewater Associated likes adversity and mistakes, so he can overcome them and make them into principles for life and work. He categorizes these moments of set back as “One of those things” and literally writes them down along with the ‘principles’ he used to overcome them. This way he can deal with them over and over again in the most efficient way. He also loves the challenge to improve on his principles whenever they don’t work.  This, he feels will make him better and allows him to grow to his maximal potential which is his ultimate goal in life.

If you see parallels in my mantra that you should aim to do the things you feel are worthwhile to do, you get the message although I am not a Ray Dalio, nor am I a Billionaire. But then we don’t need all to pursue the same goals.  

Reading his latest book: Principles: Life and Work gives the impression that Ray is nearly obsessed documenting his adversities and his principles or recipes for dealing with them. It made him hugely successful, but to document this diligently is not me. That would be fine with Ray, as according to him, we are not the same and that we all have to define for ourselves what we want to do in this life.

Ray has many other ideas about life and how we fit in an evolution that is not concerned with us individuals but rather with a continuous improvement of the entire creation since the big bang and possibly before as there are numerous galaxies and universes. Although immensely important to ourselves, in this enormous creation we are less than insignificant which can be liberating and puts the onus on ourselves to make most of our potential. But all with the end goal to evolve the universe for the better.

One of the ways Ray deals with the difficulties of life is by “looking at those things that affect you in order to understand the cause-effects that drive them and to learn principles for dealing with them effectively”. This is the main mantra of his book, which if you haven’t done so is very worthwhile to read. If you are one of those persons that gets over and over trapped in similar nasty situations of life, Ray's system is one to make you overcome them.

Ray Dalio has made a series of videos. One about a template for the economy and one about being successful (Principles for life and work). You can find links to those videos in the resources listed at the top of this blog.

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